We offer a broad variety of designs which often are made to suit the needs of our customers: Dinesh Rathi

In conversation with Dinesh Rathi, Chief Technology Officer, BlueStone, who spoke about latest trends effecting the consumer market.
Dinesh Rathi, Chief Technology Officer, BlueStone

From search-based recommendations to voice interactions, the trends in retail tech space keep changing along with time and advancement in technology. Solving pointed-problems to assisting customers with advanced user level of intelligence, the ecommerce platforms are doing it all to engage the new age customers, who depend on mobile even for shopping. In a conversation with Indian Retailer, BlueStone Chief Technology Officer, Dinesh Rathi speaks about the successful latest trends in ecommerce channels.

Buying jewellery is a traditional market. How is the transition in customers for shopping jewellery online?
The online jewellery segment has seen very good growth in the last couple of years and the preferences of customers have changed.The demand for different variety for different occasions has increased. Our customers are mainly from Tier 1 and II cities and they demand for wide variety of options in party wear, office accessories, light jewellery among others. Keeping up with this demand and varied expectations, we introduce new collections every month. 

What are the new age customers' expectations when shopping jewellery online?
Wide variety in collections, good deals and easy shopping experience will always top the list.

What are the key trends in retail tech space? 
There have been multiple advancements in retail tech and shopping online means profiling experiences, and not just spending time and money. User experience and engagement is very important and the latest trends focus on enhancing these. Earlier, technology on ecommerce platforms focused on solving pointed-problems, but now it is search related. Different tech trends include conversational-based searches, voice interactions comprising searching and knowing, and now the usage of lite version of apps. All latest technologies focus on enabling intelligent assistance. Now, with more bandwidth available even on mobile, there is a lot more customer engagement.

How is the shopping experience different in BlueStone when compared to other players?  
BlueStone is data-driven and data is captured in a large scale, providing recommendation-based searches. We offer a broad variety of designs, which often are made to suit the needs of our customers. Smooth shopping experience is another added advantage.

Are you looking at introducing any new technology to enhance the shopping experience?
We will be revamping our mobile platform for better shopping experience since user engagement is high on mobiles. The core technology will focus on revamping mobile experience and works are going on in this regard. We will also be looking at adopting advanced user level of intelligence with machine learning-based recommendations. Also, new collections will get added every month.


Dinesh Rathi