"We plan to take our exclusive store count to 30 and MBO count to 500+ this year.": Neha Kant

In an exclusive conversation, Neha Kant, Co-Founder & CRO, Clovia sheds light on the Omnichannel strategy of the brand.
Neha Kant
Neha Kant

From Online to Offline what were the factors that lead to this pragmatic move?


We started with an online store initially to understand customers' needs and started catering to them as per first-hand response. Gradually when the business started to grow, we realized we are missing on a huge chunk of customers that are not on the internet or may not be comfortable buying lingerie online. That’s when we forayed into the offline model.


 What is your omnichannel strategy?

As the product-market fit has been a roaring success for us and the feedback and customer response/retention is epic, the focus now is primarily to meet demand and ensure growth on all channels of distribution. We are currently expanding both in the online and offline space with equal vigor. The fun for a brand is to understand the audience and nuances of each channel and ensure a true Omni experience for the customers and the sellers. That’s the key focus for us for the next 5-6 quarters.


How much of your business is coming from your physical stores?

Offline contributes to around 20 percent to our overall business. We aim to open around 75 stores across India by the end of the financial year 2021 which will further boost our offline revenues to more than 30 percent of our overall business.


What were some of the initial challenges while opening your offline store, how you mitigated those challenges?


Fit consulting is our primary promise to the customer. Our consultants give this service for free when a customer walks in regardless of her intent to purchase. We worked very hard on training our staff on this since this was a completely new concept in India. A mindset change was required to push for right fit instead of a sale.


What kind of scope you foresee for your omnichannel business?

The core of a brand's strategy should be educating the customer. Apart from satisfactory and great products, the customers demand seamless integration to buy those products. This is where the Omnichannel strategy becomes vital. This seamless integration between multiple channels - online and offline is a critical part of our approach. It is a more personalized experience as it helps the brand reach out to the customer at every touchpoint and also helps in getting feedback from the customers and reaching the exact target audience.


Going forward how many new stores you will open in this fiscal?

We plan to take our exclusive store count to 30 and MBO count to 500+ this year.


How your online and offline business models compliment each other?


In today’s world, the ability to engage with and influence customers throughout their journey is paramount for continued success. Our online and offline behaviors of customers feed into each other, affecting the overall customer journey. Econsultancy says that 2 in 5 online searchers decide to purchase after being influenced by an offline channel. Brands today can no longer restrict themselves to a single or limited number of channels as they will miss out on providing their users with a seamless brand experience they deserve and desire, and thereby the opportunity to make a sale.



Neha Kant