Building Brand The Patanjali Way

Patanjali Ayurved's Baba Ramdev shares the secret recipe of building a successful 'Make in India' FMCG brand.
Building Brand The Patanjali Way
Baba Ramdev

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Ayurved remained unfazed by the pandemic. Baba Ramdev has built two brands - Patanjali Ayurved and Ruchi Soya - worth Rs 25,000 crore.

"When the COVID-19 pandemic began, for the initial two months, MNCs were clueless on how to deal with it but during that time, we received our highest turnover in ten years without increasing the price of our products, in fact, we made sure that all the essentials products of our brand were available for the people in the time of crisis," explains Ramdev while interacting with Ritu Marya during an IIT Mumbai e-summit. 

Brand Strategy

It is old-fashioned thinking where people never connected a brand with its mother company, and now things have changed. The moment you take the name of a product, say, Maggi, it’s bound to happen that Nestle will come into the picture.

"Earlier, companies were following this route because if ever there is a quality issue with any product of a particular brand, then the rest of the brands are not dragged into the conversation, which is not the case now. Media could still be managed, but it’s impossible to put a hold on social media. The latter has its voice and will call you out for your wrongful doings. Besides Patanjali, we have also established a few popular brands like Dant Kanti, Powervita, Green Flush Toilet Cleaner; and all of these are standalone entities. Nutrela is also a part of Patanjali now, so I’d say we have individuals as well as sub-brands. Bringing food and non-food items under one company is something that hasn’t happened before across the world. So, I believe I have broken the shell of universal thought process and created an extraordinary entity," he states.

"The moment you talk about Cow Ghee the first name that generally pops on one's mind is Patanjali Ghee. We have done all this work, and we fought day in and day out. And now, we only say that we are offering pure, world-class, low-priced, and unadulterated ghee. This reminds me that at an initial point I spoke to an agency for some advice they said that Swami Ramdev is a bigger and well-known name in rural as well as urban areas, so if I name it as Patanjali, it will take me more time and effort to build it a brand. But in two years, I managed to do the known and now everyone who knows Baba Ramdev is well aware of Patanjali," he further adds. 

The brand has its own logistics and their direct reach is in more than 10 lakh shops. Dant Kanti, honey, cow ghee, Patanjali soaps are available even in the remotest of areas.

"In the future, we plans to launch FPO and QIP in Ruchi Soya. Soon, you’ll hear some big and good news about Patanjali in 2021," he concludes. 

Baba Ramdev