How Increasing Warehousing Capacity is Helping Emmbros Overseas Expand Offline Presence
How Increasing Warehousing Capacity is Helping Emmbros Overseas Expand Offline Presence

Building a brand from scratch and then scaling it is always a challenging task. Certain firms like the wellness products trading company Emmbros Overseas has not only done brand building successfully but has sold two of its brands St.Botanica and Oriental Botanics for nearly Rs 200 crore. Currently, the firm is working to replicate the same success with its other brands as well. 

Sahil Mehta, Managing Director and Founder of Emmbros Overseas said, "Our USP is our ability to introduce unique and new concepts into the market. The company is constantly seeking consumer feedback and assessing the environment to identify the unmet needs of potential consumers and identify market gaps and opportunities that are otherwise overlooked."

Though there is no one definition of what brand building actually consists of but most would agree that it has to do with providing value to consumers, consistently That certainly requires keeping updated with the market and how consumer demand changes over time. 

"Apart from the strong focus on innovation, Emmbros Overseas, ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, leading the consumer trends in the wellness and beauty industry,” Mehta further stated. 

Emmbros Overseas is an entirely self-funded venture and its brands remain debt-free with no loans or third-party funds, or investments to date. Currently, the company has four brands under Emmbros Overseas - MuscleXP, NourishVitals, Man Arden, and Mom & World.

Mehta stated, "The stellar performing brands, accelerated growth trajectory, and the potential of the newly introduced product ranges encouraged the company to consider a larger operational canvas." 

Currently, the firm has lined up more products in the respective brands, expecting to clock in Rs 150 crore. 

Riding on the success of St.Botanica and Oriental Botanics, the company plans to do similar with other brands and thus choose to focus on them. 

Challenges to Brand Building

The number of entrants in any category has increased multifold. Consequently, the competition has increased, and with that, the challenge of positioning one's brand in the market also increased manifold. Identifying the right target audience, personalizing the products, etc. are some of the other major challenges that companies face while building a brand. 

Mehta shared, "Creating a top-notch array of brands has never been an easy task. We were scrupulously engrossed in creating the best brand, best products, and a one-stop-shop for everyone's need for a rejuvenated lifestyle. We aimed at creating products that make it super affordable for our loyal customers and help them in the continuous evolution of becoming a better version of themselves whether it comes to grooming or overall wellness." 

Talking about the design, the company also strongly places its bet on its research-backed products which has enabled it to set new benchmarks in the industry, which the company agrees wasn't a smooth path at all. 

Entry into Men’s Grooming Category

Emmbros Overseas has also entered into the men's grooming category by launching yet another brand by the name Man Arden. The company aims to fill the gap in the segment, which is still mostly dominated by mass-market brands. 

"There are not too many brands in the market that do a complete range of personal care products for men and that too in different variants. At Man Arden, we have focused our approach on launching solution-led products specific to men's grooming concerns. Our new launches will help us establish as a complete men’s personal care brand covering various categories," Mehta further stated. 

Future Plans

The company had already gained an offline presence last year with St.Botanica and Oriental Botanics and exclusive store counters were opened at several locations. For its current brands, the company is now focusing only on the online phase. 

Once reaching a certain level and marketing is set, Emmbros Overseas will go offline from next year, the company shared. 

As for its presence through online channels, the company is concentrating on expanding. "Our objective is to reach as many rural places of the country by expanding warehouses and brick-and-mortar units and driving every product out from the house of Emmbros Overseas. Internationally, we are listed on Amazon US, UAE and aim to set up warehouses to reach out to the international customers as well," Mehta concluded. 

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