How Inveda is Aiming to Revolutionize Ayurvedic Way of Living Globally
How Inveda is Aiming to Revolutionize Ayurvedic Way of Living Globally

An amalgamation of two words Infusion and Ayurveda make Inveda, which is an Ayurveda-inspired care and wellness brand. Harshvardhan Modi, Founder & CEO, of Inveda believes personal care is an evergreen segment that has no end. 

The Ayurveda market is growing at a rapid pace owing to increasing competition in this segment. To capture the ever-increasing demands of the consumers, the brand is focusing not only on providing the personal care range but also targeting western countries that are highly influenced by India’s rich culture and tradition, following it religiously. 

The brand has also undertaken complete research and development and manufacturing for numerous international brands, serving customers across the globe.

“India is the biggest market to deliver the best of nature and deep-rooted practice of Ayurveda to the world. Our initial idea was to provide solution-driven, clean products, thus Inveda was launched to provide a luxury experience at affordable prices,” said Harshvardhan Modi. 

Initially started with a few customers who were willing to know more about natural skincare and self-care, soon Inveda gained the customer’s trust. 

“With an increasing number of customer responses, people keen on taking care of their skin through the natural way of living while creating a positive impact on their lifestyle started showing interest in our brand,” stated Harshvardhan. 

The brand, however, is a zero-funded and zero-debt company since the beginning. From research to channeling potential customers, the brand believes in selling the experience, with its solution-driven products. 

The D2C Journey

Since the D2C (direct-to-customer) channel provides brands with one of the fastest ways to communicate with customers, Inveda too started its journey as a D2C brand. 

“Having a good connection with our customers through D2C, our brand is expanding into smaller cities, impacting and learning from various consumers’ lifestyles. This channel is ideal for us as it allowed us to reach out to our customers without the help of a middleman or a mediator. This further helps us offer the best deals for our end customers” the founder said.

How Inveda is Aiming to Revolutionize the Globe with Ayurveda

Options Galore

Breaking stereotypes and making skincare accessible for everyone, the brand offers products promoting healthy and sustainable living with self-care. 

Inveda’s product portfolio allows its customers to access the brand’s innovative range of skincare - a combination of Ayurveda with Korean and French techniques. Moreover, the brand offers a range of luxury range of skincare products like Kumkumadi Range, that gas been a customer favorite. 

“Our brand complies with EU's standard regulations, thus providing only the best for our customers and nature. Inveda's products are vegan, halal, and organic, owing to the increasing demands for a healthy way of living,” asserted Modi. 

Going ahead, the brand plans to launch natural, Ayurvedic, and clean color cosmetics, the category's main forte will be to help its customers rediscover their choices and explore.

Technology and Inveda

Talking about technological advancements, Inveda claims to be already at pace with the latest technology. 

However, the brand is currently exploring sustainable packaging and newer ingredients in skincare and looks forward to more refinements in the future.

How Inveda is Aiming to Revolutionize the Globe with Ayurveda

Future Plans

In terms of future plans, Inveda aims to go offline in order to create a more extensive customer base allowing them to know more about its products, and get a first-hand experience.

Already available in the international markets, manufacturing and exporting a few top products in Europe, the brand intends to expand globally. “We look forward to working internationally. We believe, we will thrive not only in India but also in the western world, where they will get the best of Ayurveda's secrets through us,” asserted Harshvardhan Modi.  

In totality, Inveda believes Ayurveda is the answer to all, be it wellness or medicine, this ancient science of lifestyle and health can provide solutions for all concerns. Inveda has successfully used this knowledge with the latest skincare that works for all to offer solution-driven welfare to the consumers’ lives, boosting their confidence through the easiest way of taking care of the skin.

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