How Reusable Healthcare Textile is an Upcoming Industry for Organize Retail Distribution?
How Reusable Healthcare Textile is an Upcoming Industry for Organize Retail Distribution?

Head quartered in Canada MIP is a Global manufacturer and distributor of reusable healthcare textile and related products.  MIP (previously known as Med-I-Pant) was founded by Jerry Friedman in 1977 as the first manufacturer and supplier of adult reusable briefs designed to meet the needs of incontinent adults . About a year later, David Schreiner joined as a partner to head up sales. Together, they started to build the company, adding other key employees along the way. Today, MIP has become a global leader in the reusable healthcare textile industry, The Company has recently forayed the Indian market. In an exclusive conversation, Tor Lund, President & CEO talks about India expansion.

What is the rationale behind India foray? What are your expectations from India market?

The Indian health care market is growing rapidly and increasingly becoming more sophisticated; we have had the fortune of teaming up with a local team that has the passion, dedication, knowledge as well as shared values with the MIP culture. In addition, there seems to be an increasing need for high quality textile products that support the world class medical infrastructure and expertise that currently exists.

What is your assessment about reusable healthcare textile market in India.According to you what are the factors propelling growth in this segment?

According to our findings there are in number of materials which at the moment India is using as a use and throw item, it might be MIP Inc as a company has got the same product which is reusable for a number of times. So, definitely reusable sector we have a wider range of product line what is being practised at the moment in India.

Have you collaborated with any health care/ fashion institution as the part of your distribution strategy? Else, what would be your strategy to promote the distribution of MIP textile products?

No we haven't collaborated, year 2020 we have taken it up as our assessment year, knowledge gaining year , learning process year because MIP believes in reducing human touch from into encycling of each product in a healthcare sector. So we are going to take up prior pilot project in various

hospitals that may be Fortis, Apollo, Max or even Indian Railway hospital , Indian Army Hospital we are just looking at may be ten beds pilot project where we can get to calculation of a lifestyle product and get to the value of life cycle. So we are focusing on making this year about learning that will help us benefit more and establish what we can do better in the years to come.

What are the major challenges in this space?

The first major challenge is training people because MIP Inc product are not regular product which are are getting used at the moment all over india. It has got a lot of other added facilities which are not present at the moment in India , so training needs to be provided to the caregivers so they understand how to use , how to handle, how to care for the patients is the biggest challenge that we are going to have looking at expansion and the size of India at the moment.

Who do you as your biggest competition in this space?

At the moment we take it as habits, human habits is our biggest competition to get them to accept the new change which is of course for betterment, changing the regular habits of each caregiving centre is the biggest challenge, market wise, and product wise. Honestly we don't think that there is any competition to our products at the moment, we don't know what the future holds.

What is your vision for 2020?

The year 2020 will be a pilot project for MIP to get into various hospitals and caregiving centers for evaluation of life cycle cost. This full year will be dedicated to learn and understand the pain and pleasure of the user and bring changes to the product rather customize the products accordingly. 2020 will be the year of investment for training and collecting data from India and Indians on their need and requirements.

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