Bridging the technology gap!
Bridging the technology gap!

In a growing era of E-commerce, we plan to bridge the technology gap from around the world to our customers with the help of a digital medium, says Nikul Raj Gupta CEO,ENRG during a candid chit-chat with Retailer Media...

Tell us about the inception of your brand?

ENRG was incepted about 2 years back. I am from a traditional business family which is dealing in Iron & Steel wires and Furniture. In the last 2 years what I learnt from my experience and my interaction with retailers is that there is a huge demand for quality innovative products, especially electronics, in India. The idea of ENRG hit me and I created a business plan, recruited a team of sales, marketing people, designers as well as operations personnel.

Tell us about your business model?

Our business model is simple. In a growing era of E-commerce, we plan to bridge the technology need gap from around the world to our customers with the help of a digital medium. Provide them the best quality products at affordable price at their door step. We also are serious about post-sales services and have various means in place to support the same. We do not have any plans to start brick and mortar stores and would spread our wings in the e-commerce arena only. The response has been overwhelming because what we are doing is unique as we are not in a rat race to sell products. We are indulged in developing a positive customer-seller relationship where our customer can fully trust us with their peace of mind.


Who according to you are your target consumers? How do you reach out to them?

Our target audience is MMS people – anyone who watches movies, listens to music and watches sports . It’s a brand for the young and independent, who have aspirations to grow in their individual life. They are someone who wants to make a change and see the world in a different perspective. They could be from the affluent class but they strongly represent the contemporary society.

As a digital brand, we are focussing on digital marketing. We believe in the power of the Internet through which the scope of reach is tremendous and highly targeted. Marketing activities include social media marketing, Google marketing, content marketing, newsletters etc.

For offline reach, the company is focussing on creating an experience for its customers rather than sales.  We reach out to these people through various Offiline activation, activities in high footfall areas like malls, multiplexes through customized events. We tie up with various corporates for brand activation activities. We organize exhibitions and expos where our customers can experience our products in a Live setting

What are your price points? what is the profitability margin in online?

Primarily, our consumer electronics portfolio for B2C segment price ranges from Rs. 1000 – Rs. 50,000. However, we are also into the corporate gifting segment where we have products ranging from Rs. 50 to Rs. 5,000. ENRG deals in B2B segment related to Smart Education where our products can go up to few lakhs of rupees.

For a young company, it’s more about setting the right systems in place. The company is in a growing stage so all profits are directed towards its growth and development.

Who according to you are your competitors? what strategies have you adapted to combat them?

Frankly speaking we have been trying hard since the last couple of months to figure out who our competitions are and believe me our team faced challenges doing so and are still looking for an answer. Since our motive of existence in the market is purely long term we are not much concerned about profitability and huge revenue targets but to indulge in creating a genuine experience and relationship with our consumers.

What are you expansion plans for this fiscal?

We have recently launched our new Brand Store . We have partnered with various leading Online retail Marketplaces in the country. We will be contantly updating our product portfolio with only truly innovative products. The company plans to invest on various BTL activities throughout the fiscal. The focus is more to create a brand awareness and recall among our target audiences. 

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