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Car wash biz is a nascent industry

Karan Sethi, Founder,Exppress Car Wash shares his views on the car service industry during an interaction with Retailer Media....

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BY Nibedita Roy  |  September 22, 2015  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
Car wash biz is a nascent industry
Karan Sethi

We plan to expand our roots by opening 200 plus outlets in the next 5 years across the nation, says Karan Sethi, Founder, Exppress Car Wash, during a candid chit-chat with Retailer media...

Tell us about the inception of your brand.

Cars have been a passion and cleaning has been our family business. Merging the two gave birth to this idea. Exppress Car Wash is now a self-sustaining company. We share resources from Manmachine group. Business is in my blood from the starting and I have worked in the cleaning business many times for small projects. Our CEO gave me knowledge on creating business plan and structure which I always value and implement. Rest car wash is a nascent industry and as we are pioneering it, there is still a lot to do.

Exppress Car Wash is a unique cleaning process where cars are cleaned in just 20 minutes by the latest equipment’s including high pressure cleaning machines, spray extraction machines, high powered vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners and so on. It is a nationwide chain of car wash units, allowing customers to get their car cleaned in any city in the country at their convenience in a uniformed manner.

How are your services priced ?

We have packages starting from Rs 250-450 depending on different tiers. This makes getting a car wash very economical for the consumers.

But we also provide high level detailing for car which goes up to Rs 35,000.

What according to you are the challenges in this segment?

Challenges are many: No special allocated space for car wash centres, because of which high rentals reduces the margins; Educating the customer about clean car culture; Bi-frication of packages so that customer understand their requirement instead of the clichéd ‘andar bahar se saaf kar do’ or ‘Chamka de ekdam’; and Educating customers on getting a car wash or any treatment at regular intervals and not when the car is in such a bad shape that you cannot sit or drive it.

Who according to you are your competitors in this segment?

** 3m car care – 3m being into car care segments for so long have now come up with 3m car care centres in which they are providing limited detailing services but no concentration on the washing segment.

** Carzspa  - They are also following the same concept as 3m but in a very small way. Their focus is also on detailing.

How do you plan to promote your brand?

1) We are launching the first car wash app to make car wash more convenient and enjoyable for the customers. This app will allow them to book their car wash using Paytm. They can also find the closest outlet near them.

2) We have hired a PR company to build our brand through effective media.

3) We are also planning radio adds to educate the masses about car wash

4) Advertising in Auto magazines like Auto car so that more people can understand our concept.

5) Exhibition Drive- We are doing monthly exhibitions to educate customers and show them how to pamper their cars  

Where do you see your brand five years down the line?

We want to have 200 plus outlets in the next 5 years with a target to have at least 1 car wash in every town and city. As our PM is going forward with Swach Bharat Abhyan, we also want to introduce clean car culture in every city of India.


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