Connecting Customers with your Brand!
Connecting Customers with your Brand!
Ramyam Intelligence Lab provides scalable and reliable Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions deployable for all transaction intensive industries having large customer base. Rupa Sreedhar, VP - Solutions, Ramyam Intelligence Lab, speaks to Retailer about how the company makes adifference in the business execution of retail enterprises. 
How critical is CEM solution in the retail segment?
It’s obvious that great customer service is a critical part of any retail business; but it only encompasses the reactive part of a larger shopping experience. In many ways, it’s useful to think of customer service as just one piece – among others – that comes together to form the total experience. Customer experience, on the other hand, is different in its scope. Unlike reactive customer service, customer experience covers each proactive interaction you’re making to connect customers with your brand. This includes every touch point customers use to engage the specific conditions inside your stores, and the layout of your eCommerce channel. The easier and more convenient these are for your customers to use, the more successful your strategy will be. Customer experience is constantly nurtured across an entire organisation, regardless of channel. 
What are the benefits of your CEM solution to the retail chains?
We give businesses visibility into their customer experience touch points that is currently missing. Our proactive approach can help identify areas of improvement or challenge before they become critical issues.
As part of a context driven initiative, we provide data-driven, actionable insights so that they know the importance of remedial steps in their operations.
We can help businesses increase customers, revenue per customer, improve cash flow and reduce dormancy. Our clients have seen measurable increases in customer satisfaction levels and reduced churn, as well as lower service costs.
As a result, our clients are better able to differentiate their offerings on the basis of service excellence and customer satisfaction, instead of price. This leads to longer customer lifecycles, greater revenue per customer and lower marketing costs – as existing customers are less expensive to keep than the cost of acquiring new ones.
What is the target market for your product?
Our TG includes, senior executives, vendors to accelerate R&D efforts and acquisitions focused on new tools and applications and the integration of new and existing technologies. 
Our target markets are across the domains like telecom, retail, banking, insurance, manufacturing and hospitality.
What are the different segments in retail that span out for your product?
Enliven CEM addresses many use cases and digital footprint solutions in the B2C and B2B market.
Our in-store digital orchestration manages various nuances of customer experience management and the omni-channel essence of a retail customer is completely handled by enliven CEM.  
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