How Ace designer Neeti Patwa has built a jewellery brand on Instagram?

In an exclusive conversation with Neeti Patwa, Owner, Oropel sheds light on the growth strategy of the company.
How Ace designer Neeti Patwa has built a jewellery brand on Instagram?

Social media is constantly evolving as the tool for trade, for example, Instagram has opened its shoppable feature for retailers to compete against e-commerce. As per the media reports, globally more than 50,000 small to medium-sized businesses, 2,000 mid-market sized businesses and more than 25 Fortune 1000 companies are actively using Instagram as the prominent trade channel.

Houseofmasaba, nikhilthampi, blurbook amongst few fashion designers/ retailers who have successfully build their brands on Instagram. Likewise, Neeti Patwa is yet another designer who has successfully leveraged from this social media platform by forming a jewellery brand called Oropel.

How did Oropel started

Sharing her entrepreneurial journey Neeti shared, “I started Oropel 3years ago and now my vision is to make it India’s premium custom jewellery brand. I come from a family of diamantaires and hence was always exposed to jewelry as a child. However, my inclination towards designing my jewellery line happened when I saw the demand of custom-make jewellery.”

Oropel was primarily started as a B2C company. Though, the brand has just started its B2B operations with the prime objective to work with the top three jewelers of each metro. “To scale up the distribution we offer to take our comprehensive diamond solution to tier two cities and towns, informed Neeti.

Oropel is backed by Lypsa Gems and Jewellery LTD, which is one of the leading strong-diamond manufacturing and marketing companies. Speaking further on investments Neeti said, “We believe in a zero-debt model but are open to attracting equity investments from institutional investors that invest in luxury companies.”

Social media strategy

In today’s times social media is one of the important keys in promoting the brand and hence have paid extra attention to it. Moreover, jewellery is the niche space consistent supply of high quality materials, marketing solutions and distribution channels is really a challenge. Hence, a concrete social media strategy is very important.

Presently, Oropelbyneeti has more than 4k followers on its Instagram page which is constantly expanding. Speaking on same, Neeti said, “We have created strategies and campaigns for the growth of our social media fan base and are looking at innovating our content on an ongoing base.”

For Oropel the company looks at targeting influencers who are not just famous for the way they look but are people who have done some incredible work to support our society and are the change makers of today.

Growth strategy

In the next three years the company aspires to be selling its jewelry to the top five retailers of the six metros as well as in 8-10 two tier cities. “We will also be entering retail with a new concept/format in the next twelve months,” informed Neeti.


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