How Bespoke Stationary can be next Big thing?

In an exclusive interaction with Sunanda Kashyap, Owner/Designer, Crazymee Bespoke Stationery sheds light on the emerging concept of bespoke stationery.
How ‘Bespoke Stationary’ can be next ‘Big’ thing?

How Crazymee Bespoke Stationery did get started? What was the rationale behind launching Crazymee Bespoke Stationery?

 Crazymee started at the time I was taking a sabbatical and freelancing after working in the publishing industry as a book designer. The journey started with a DIY 65th birthday party stationery and invite designed for my father in law. These were highly appreciated and friends asked to have their stationery made. I realised that there was a demand for exclusive, customised designs and clients loved having their preferences and ideas translated onto their stationery and their gifting materials (wrapping papers, wine and gift bags). The thought behind the company was to give individuals a chance to create a unique brand of their very own - designs that were a reflection of them and not something available off-the-shelf.

What kind of products categories are being retailed under Crazymee? Also shed light on your distribution in online and offline channel? What are the strategies to scale-up the distribution?

 There are two categories of service and product. One range is the bespoke exclusive design range where we create an identity for the client and that is used for their correspondence cards, shagun envelopes, wrapping sheets, gift bags and wine bags. We also design and produce invitation cards for parties, e-invites and corporate identities. 

The other product category is the predesigned ready-made range of cards and shagun/money envelopes which have my designs on them and are personalised for clients. Distribution for the readymade designs is pan-India with designs available on the luxury retail portal RockNShop and also on the company website The bespoke design service is offline as it requires personal interaction with the client. Clients are shown their designs electronically, and paper samples, selections and delivery are made available at their doorstep. It is a very personalised service with me as their direct contact.

What is your USP over regular stationary brands? Also shed light on your best selling product?

Our core USP is high-quality design, illustrations and material with personalised client service. The best selling products are our best compliment cards and envelopes and shagun envelopes - both for bespoke and ready-made. 

What is your pricing strategy? How do you remain price competitive to regular stationary brands? Also shed light on your starting and exiting price point?

The price range is premium for the bespoke products as there has to be a minimum order of 100 pieces per item to absorb the design time required. Bespoke orders also often use a variety and combinations of print techniques such as digital printing, screen printing, embossing or leafing that require specific dyes to be made. 

The readymade products are moderately priced. However as our papers are imported, high quality and environment friendly and print sizes are small, our prices remain higher than most. We are also very ethical in terms of using licensed images from illustrators which increases the cost of the product. But, this is a conscious decision the company has taken and one that we plan to stick to. 

  Kindly shed light on your TG and existing consumer base? Also, comment on your average bill size?

 The target group is mainly luxury buyers as these are high quality products. There is no average bill size for bespoke - it can range from Rs.12000 to approx Rs80000 depending on the number of products.

Who do you see as your competition within the same space?

No one really as our service and design style is different from what is available in the current space. 

At last, kindly highlight your expansion plans?

 The major future expansion plan is to step into the wedding market. I want stationery to become an essential part of a couple's wedding trousseau. There is after all no better way to start a life together than putting it down on paper! Stationery can also be a great gift for newlyweds and for giving away as wedding favors. The longer term expansion plan is to get into the wedding invitation design market - but that is not planned for another two years. 


Sunanda Kashyap