How India is an emerging market for organic baby care products?
How India is an emerging market for organic baby care products?

Kindly shed light on the journey of Mimmo Organics. How did the brand start and journey so far? Also shed light on your entrepreneurial journey? 

Around the world, people have started to realize the importance of organic food as more and more information comes out about the harmful effects of non-organic foods which are loaded with toxins, pesticides, etc. Especially in the case of baby and kids foods, this is even more important as nutritious, healthy, organic food and snacks have been very limited in their availability. In India, the focus is shifting to organic foods especially for babies and kids and now is the right time for a brand like Mimmo Organics to come in and fill this gap.

Mimmo Organics was born with the goal to give all children access to pure, wholesome and nutritious food. We offer a range of organic products which have been made with babies’, toddlers’ and young children’s best interests in mind.

After extensive research, we have brought to life foods that come in a variety of shapes, colours and textures. These appeal to the little munchkins and help them develop healthy eating habits from the very start!

The ultimate goal of Mimmo Organics is to deliver quality organic baby and children food. To ensure that this goal is met uncompromisingly, our products are USDA, EU, and India organic, and FSSAI certified and have all the best and highest levels of certification. We procure ingredients from only certified organic growers and manufacturers. We rigorously source these individual ingredients to ensure the cleanest recipes are delivered to our children. 

 We have launched over a year ago and have had a lot of interest from mothers and children all over India. The response has been most gratifying, and we are confident that this is the best time to push forward to make Mimmo Organics a household name.

How do you see the market of organic baby care booming in India. According to you, what are the factors propelling growth in organic baby care product segment?

Organic baby and toddler food segment is an emerging niche market in India. Organic baby and toddler food are highly sought after by urban Indian parents who don’t have access to innovative, nutritious products designed for babies and toddlers. The organic baby food market will see rapid growth due to-

1. Rapid urbanization of Indian cities

2. Increasing disposable income

3. Increasing knowledge about the importance of organic food, especially for babies and young children

4. A growing number of women in the workplace.

While organic food is now relatively easily available for adults, authentic organic foods for young children are a rarity in India. Studies continue to prove that organic food helps in the mental and physical growth of children, and in maintaining optimum concentration levels. Children on an organic diet are also more alert and energetic. In fact, eating organic isn’t just a change in diet, it is a lifestyle change.

 The biggest challenge has been educating consumers about the difference between natural and certified organic in India. Many companies hoping to cash in on organic success, may label 'organic' but not genuinely certified organic and that why it's important for consumers to look for the certified logos on product labels to verify the authenticity of the product.

 What is your current distribution in the online and offline space? Going forward, what are the plans to scale up the distribution?  

We have selected key customer channels for both online and offline. Mimmo Organics products are now available on top online marketplaces like amazon, firstcry, qtrove, big basket , baby chakra and offline we are on shelves at few premium Modern trade outlets, gourmet stores, and organic stores in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi such as Natures Basket, Foodhall, The Organic World, La Marche, Organic Madhya, Terra Foodsselective Nilgiris stores many more stores. Going forward we have a selective distribution strategy in place, it’s more of a targeted approach for offline distribution. We have recently associated with some of the leading maternity and childcare hospitals.

What are the major operational challenges in your retail category?

The margin expectations at the retail level are very high for a new company. Also, retail shelf space comes at a premium in modern trade outlets. It’s vital for Mimmo Organics to create a "pull' demand rather than a "push" demand before we expand geographically offline. 

Kindly shed light on your best performing category along with starting and exiting price points. 

This year is promising for Mimmo Organics, as we plan to launch many innovative products in these categories. It is too early for us to comment on our best performing category. Since all our products are organic and creative, our products are priced reasonable to premium. 

Is your start-up backed via any VC? What are the plans to raise funds in near future?

Yes, we have recently raised funds. 




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