How uber luxury car segment is a Big opportunity?

In an exclusive conversation with Jatin Ahuja, Founder & MD, Big Boy Toyz sheds light on the growth plans of the company.
How uber luxury car segment is a Big opportunity?

Big Boy Toyz, a complete one-stop destination for the world’s most iconic, high-end, premium luxury cars manufactured by global legends of the automobile industry. BBT is the mecca of luxury cars in India. It houses brands from Bentley, Ferrari to James Bond’s favourite ride Aston Martin along with other premium brands!

How do you see the market of luxury cars is growing in India? Kindly state few numbers to quantity the same?

The market of luxury cars in India is definitely showing an upward trend!

I can pinpoint it to the increasing disposable incomes and affluent standard of living along with the rise in the number of choices that people possess which also extends to the car in possession.

Hence the manufacturers have been tempted to bring in their affordable models to cater to an extensive group of aspirants. Even adopting the CKD route has proven beneficial for the German marquees as they have registered a strong raise in the sales figures of their popular models.

In the present times, the same effect has trickled down to Big Boy Toyz as well. We see BBT grow at a steady pace of 35-40% year on year.

With regards to the luxury pre-owned car market, definitely the practices and procedures for the elemental aspects have tremendously improved with the buyer being more informed in most aspects.

This is a big addendum to our already faithful & honest operations of serving the prospective target market the right way while securing their trust in the long run.

How did Big Boy Toyz started? How this concept is different from dealer outlets? Also shed light on your journey so far?

“You never get bored and tired of doing of what you’ve longed for since the very beginning”. Cars have always been a fantasy for men and the same was for me. The automotive affection soon started to blossom with a feeling to give it a concrete shape someday. I still remember that day in 6th standard when an idea struck my mind to create a dreamland of supercars. Though I was totally raw and unprepared, the notion stayed with me. And from here there was no looking back. Undertaking college projects related to modifying accidental Fiat & Ambassador vehicles was a step towards attaining reality in the preferred chosen domain.

One always needs constant encouragement and motivation in the endeavor to perform the exemplary and I sincerely can’t thank my father enough who has been a pillar of strength in this journey. Very soon we came up with Magus Cars Ltd in the year 2007 which was into importing high-end luxury cars into India. The going was great and we were well within on course to move to the next level with the brand Big Boy Toyz in 2009.

In a nutshell, BBT presents an inventory of impeccable handpicked pre owned and new exotic cars from across the country with less driven mileage, having undergone stringent 151 checkpoints along with a fixed price policy to conform to the established standards which is our benchmark. Big Boy Toyz solely believes in the concept of single ownership for its outlets to extend the same level of experience across all fronts which makes it a unique concept compared to the rest of the formats.

Since the time we started, our clientele has only expanded further which has proved that the customer’s car purchase experience has been highly appreciated. Today as the young energetic and driving force of the country identifies supercars with Big Boy Toyz, it fills us with a feeling of elation.

Kindly shed light on your current distribution? Also going forward what are the plans to scale up your distribution?

We have one outlet each in Delhi and Gurgaon and of late have opened one in Mumbai too.The idea clearly is to have direct and accessible customer touch points and greater visibility.Also it will have an influence on the number of cars in our inventory.Big Boy Toyz has it in mind to target the major happening metropolitan cities with a young affluent crowd which will soon translate into an increase in our distribution outlets. 

According to you what are the challenges in luxury vehicle retailing in India?

One of the major hiccups which can arise in the retailing arena of the luxury car segment is keeping the potential walk- in client on board with you by offering a unique presentment.Yes options are many in the market and one has to continuously innovate and experiment at the right time to give a boost to the conversion rates.

Since 90% of Indian buyers are driven by the big size of a luxury vehicle, getting them to try out some novel offerings in the form of a luxury crossover and hatchback without affecting the aspirational value can also be regarded as a challenge. Working hard on smooth lining the forward and backward integration and bringing it on par with the international standards keeping in mind the indigenous factors is one area where most of the luxury car manufacturers have a steady focus.

Servicing for high-end exotic vehicles which are a rarity is one apprehension that often stays at the back of the mind of the client and we at Big Boy Toyz have easily surpassed that by launching our mega scale workshop in the vicinity of the Gurgaon showroom which includes every kind of service conceivable. Multiple bays to station the exotics along with painting, diagnostics, wheel alignment, detailing and most importantly making vital spare parts available that ensure a reduced cycle time and a fast turn- around time much to the client’s delight.

Which are luxury brands which you are selling under Big Boy Toyz?

In our ever exclusive inventory of Big Boy Toyz, we strive to provide our potential customers with the best possible collection that can be made available.From the sophisticated Rolls Royce and Bentley to the racer machines such as the Lamborghini & Ferrari, one can easily pick his selection from a given number of options.

On the whole, Big Boy Toyz covers 24 luxury brands from Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, Ferrari and the like in its portfolio with the number of cars on display varying between 75- 100 on an everyday basis divided between the three locations at Gurgaon, Mumbai and New Delhi.Lately we have ventured into selling new cars as well in a bid to entice the buyer with a heap of choices in the initial deciding stages.

Who do you see as your potential competition?

My competition is only with myself with the intent to evolve and set better targets than before. Each new day brings forth the challenges and my purpose is to address them to the best potential with good results.

At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

We have ventured into the grand city of Mumbai this year and the main focus is to make it one of the strongest performing units of BBT in parallel with others.

As for the future there is a definite expansion with an increased size of the inventory and better customer service that figure on our agenda.Alongside, the recently launched Merchandise by my wife Mrs Ritika Jatin Ahuja, will acquire an enhanced collection with raised luxury lifestyle quotient.



Jatin Ahuja