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In the next two years, we see ourselves expanding to at least 200 outlets pan India: Sandeep Kapoor

In conversation with Sandeep Kapoor, Managing Director, Shree, who spoke about the essence of rich Indian culture and how his brand is contributing towards it.

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BY Zarafshan Shiraz  |  November 10, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
In the next two years, we see ourselves expanding to at least 200 outlets pan India: Sandeep Kapoor
Sandeep Kapoor

Dedicated towards providing various lifestyle product categories in India and abroad, Shree is a local destination for the Indian inspired luxury lifestyle, created for today's stylish, global citizen. Shree celebrates womanhood and aims at bringing the essence of India’s rich cultural heritage to their customers online. Sandeep Kapoor, Managing Director, Shree – The Indian Avatar, shares what’s new under their bonnet, how they engage with global customers and their future plans.

What makes Shree a local destination for the Indian inspired luxury lifestyle?
The fabrics at Shree are made out of natural fibre which makes the garment comfortable to wear. The apparels that we offer are not just luxurious to wear and feel, but are appealing to the Indian tropical climate. Along with that, Shree is a pocket-friendly brand which a common person can easily afford. We take pride in being a fast track fashion store. We come up with 120 styles every month without compromising a penny on quality. Be it a simple housewife or modern women, Shree is their ideal choice for a reliable, affordable and comfortable range.

Pitted against several other apparel brands, what new do you bring to the market?
Like mentioned before, Shree is a fast track fashion brand, so we pop up styles all year round. Which means, unlike many other brands Shree is not seasonal; we break the monotony of following styles as per the four seasons. Shoppers will always find something new at our stores every time they come because we churn new styles every month. You will always find a Shree store revealing a new story every week.

How do you keep the global customers engaged?
Global customers enjoy delving into our fusions wear. We give them the versatility of westernized clothes in an Indian fabric and Indian print. They appreciate our exquisite designs, and style options packed with comfort, quality and affordability. 

What are the challenges faced in providing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices?
Since we are into a mass market, bulk volumes help us in cutting down our price. This helps us remain affordable and relevant to the consumer.

What price range do you offer on your products?
The price range of Shree's casual wear starts from Rs. 700 and goes up to Rs. 1500. Our glamorous evening wear starts from Rs. 1600 to 3000. So basically Shree lies between the range of Rs. 700 to Rs. 3000.

What is the success mantra behind Shree’s consistent growth 7 years down the line?
Shree makes constant efforts to create freshness with style. We started from 5000 pieces to producing 2lakh pieces monthly, today. Also, we take utmost care of customer satisfaction, so we keep them happy by giving them a new range every time they come to shop. Another interesting thing we do at Shree is, following the color palette every month. E.g. With winters sinking in., our range will bend toward earthy, darker winter friendly shades. Similarly, during March our range is more chirpy and bright so as to announce the arrival of summer.  

What are your retail expansion plans? 
Shree is one of the fastest growing independent clothing brands around at the moment. In a little over two years, the brand has built itself strength to strength. We started with retail 2 years back and now we have 25 exclusive brand outlets all over the country. Shree is evolving in the right direction. In the next two years, we see ourselves expanding to at least 200 outlets pan India.


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