Knowing the audience and keeping their attention is a fundamental challenge that any brand says Srigopika Radhakrishnan and Aruna R Krishnan

In an exclusive conversation with Srigopika Radhakrishnan and Aruna R Krishnan, Founders, sheds light on the challenges that a start-up faces in setting up a fashion brand.

How did started? Kindly shed light on your entrepreneurial journey also on your business model?

Aruna and I are serial entrepreneurs who run Media companies that focus on Lifestyle, entertainment and fashion. Our love for affordable fashion naturally led us to bring together brands that speak our vision. 

Born in 2016, has established itself as a destination for Independant, unique and affordable fashion. caters to an audience of men and women looking for fashion that is one of a kind, high quality and best of all affordable. The name 'That1Too' (That one too) is an ode to a shopping frenzy induced when you find amazing fashion at the perfect price point. 

Aruna is the CEO of the RITZ Group comprising of RITZ Magazine ,, Southscope and Gopika, with a background in Artificial Intelligence is the Founder of and the CTO of the RITZ Group. 

How do you see online fashion market is growing in India? What would be your strategy to stay ahead of the competition? 

The online Fashion industry has exploded in India and with more consumers going online, will see more exponential growth. With the big players consolidating and pumping in billions into this industry, the consumers more than anyone else benefit immensely. Our strategy with has always been being a niche player. We focus on showcasing genuine independant unique fashion brands and boutiques that have a unique combination of interesting fashion at the perfect price point. This in association with quick deliveries and stellar customer care is the foundation that will drive our growth.  

Kindly shed light on your current consumer base and operational categories?

We currently focus on the Indian market, our product range is Fashion including clothing, jewellery, accessories, bags and shoes for men and women. 

Who do you see as your biggest competition within same space? 

As an e-commerce marketplace, curation is king. There maybe other players in the market doing similar things but the products and brands we showcase is what defines our difference. A lot of brands on our site are exclusive to us and that gives us the advantage we need. 

According to you what are the major challenges in setting up an online fashion brand in India?

There are a lot of challenges in setting up an online fashion brand but I find one particular challenge the most integral to success. Knowing the audience and keeping their attention is a fundamental challenge that any brand faces but it is magnified online where there is no physical interaction. Today with social media playing such a huge role in people's lives and the number of brands out there, attention span of any audience is ephemeral. It is exceptionally important to know how to resonate with people who are interested in your brand and ensure the same voice is used in all of the mediums of interaction. 

Other than that, I believe that a zealous focus on a path to profitability is extremely important in this day of astonishing burn rates. 

 At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

Having spent quality time focusing on the Indian market, we plan to go international in the next month. We are also working on an app that allows our customers to go into shops that are part of our network of Independent boutiques to get better discounts and increase walk-ins for our brands and boutiques






Srigopika Radhakrishnan and Aruna R Krishnan