Lookup, a messaging app connecting local merchants with customers

Speaking with Retailer Media, Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO, Lookup shares his joy over the phenomenal success of his venture and how to plans to tap a larger pie of on-demand services.
Deepak Ravindran, CEO & Founder, Lookup

In today’s internet driven world, it has become tough for local businesses to reach out to consumers around their vicinity. Traditional cornerstones of local advertising such as newspapers, classifieds, pamphlets etc. are often ignored by customers. Though, consumers today are more eager for resources that help them achieve daily tasks but making it work in real time is a task.
Lookup, an instant messaging app dedicated towards connecting local businesses to consumers is gaining significant response both by consumers as well as business owners. As on-demand services are gaining momentum in the country with the competition rising so fast, the app has already made its mark with a huge customer base.
Speaking with Retailer Media, Deepak Ravindran, Founder & CEO, Lookup shares his joy over the phenomenal success of his venture and how to plans to tap a larger pie of on-demand services.     

Talk to us about Lookup App and its functionality.
Lookup is an instant messaging app that connects you to local businesses. The app lists local businesses around the vicinity and lets you shoot off a message to them and make transactions without leaving the app. In the meanwhile, the recipient store manager or business owner, who also has Lookup on his/her mobile device, can respond instantly. And, just to ensure it happens, Lookup even has customer support tracking the messages. You can buy almost anything and get it delivered, check for prices prices and availability of products or services, book appointments, or make reservations at restaurants in your locality with Lookup.
As soon as you login, you receive a list of businesses nearby. You can just click on the business and chat with them or shoot your query. The businesses with a blue tick are registered and verified by Lookup and they can reply to user queries directly. If the question is directed to the ones not registered, the in-house customer support agents (or buddies) will call them to solve the queries in real time.
Presently, Lookup is also on Twitter as @lookuplite that helps get things done with a tweet or direct message.

How has been the customer response so far?
Lookup has already crossed around 1.2 million user downloads and 82,000 registered vendors. We crossed 1 million downloads within 9 months of the launch which is even faster than any other app! The response till now has been phenomenal and we are expecting it to be even better!

How has been the segment wise response? Which segments have shown high traction?
The highest number of orders has been for food, groceries, electronics and medicines respectively. The maximum traction for responses has been shown by working professionals and college students.

Explain the usability of this app?
How it works for the users:

Download the Lookup app from Play or App store
i. Register your name and sign in with a verification code that will be sent to your personal mobile number
ii. Click on the search button and search for a business
iii. Chat with them for making reservations, ordering products delivered and enquiring about products
iv. Get things done with a message

How it works for the vendors:
i. Download the Lookup app from Google/Apple store
ii. You can also give a missed call to 7676566587 and get your store verified on Lookup.
iii. Register and claim your business for free
iv. Receive delivery support by getting verified on Lookup
v. Respond and chat with your customers
vi. Get your products delivered to customers with Lookup’s delivery partners
vii. Expand your customer base with just a message

How well have customers engaged with local businesses using the app?
Once people have figured out the different features and benefits of Lookup, they have been returning back everyday. Many customers are regulars to certain stores in their vicinity and they chat with the store owners as friends on Lookup. The best part about Lookup that users love is the fact that both the customers and store owners get to maintain their privacy without disclosing personal data like contact numbers, display pictures and more. Moreover, chat makes everything seamless and easy, thus making the communication seem like it is shared between friends.

Deepak Ravindran