Loyalie has over 22,500 users of the App in Android and iOS platforms: Akhil Saraf

In an exclusive conversation with Akhil Saraf- Founder, Loyalie highlights the loyalty trends followed by the brands.
Loyalie has over 22,500 users of the App in Android and iOS platforms: Akhil Saraf

 These days almost every retail brand(be online or offline) has some sort of loyalty program of its own? So, how does Loyalie add the value to such existing loyalty program for consumers as well as brands?

Loyalty programs may have become more common with smaller retailers and brands as time has passed, but it is still sadly a minority of small businesses in the Indian market that have the infrastructure or capability, or even business acumen, to run their own standalone digital loyalty programs. This is where Loyalie becomes the premium solution for retail brands (especially offline) that don’t have the capability or infrastructure to create and maintain a digital software based loyalty program, even if they could come up with some sort of physical card-based solution. Consumers are also helped significantly by not needing to carry around cards that clutter their wallet, or subscribe to point-based programs which take ages for redemption. Loyalie makes it viable for even the smallest of retail brands to put into place and run a completely digital Loyalty, Referral and automated marketing program and take advantage of the integrated digital advanced marketing solution Loyalie AER provides.

Presently, how many brands you have on your platform?

Currently we serveover 40 brands from multiple segments of industry who are clients of the Loyalie AER platform.

Which brands get maximum hit via Loyalie platform?

Amongst our present clients, the ones who get the maximum number of hits via the Loyalie platform are – Menchies (Hyderabad), Breakout (Kolkata), Mad-About-Drama.

As per your data, for which category and product Loyalie platform is maximum used in terms of purchasing?
Food & Beverage (FnB) and Entertainment.

Averagely, how many purchases are made via Loyalie platform on daily basis? Also, highlight how many users are registered with your platform? 

Loyalie offers a subscription based digital marketing platform, and there is no scope for making any purchase through our platform, hence the question is Not Applicable to us. Currently, Loyalie has over 22,500 users of the App in Android and iOS platforms.

What is your criteria to choose brand to be part of Loyalie driven loyalty program?

Loyalie, as a brand, values customer satisfaction and engagement very highly, and we like to choose our client brands to reflect on these values. For a brand to best fulfill the criteria for being chosen as a Loyalie client, they must know how important customer satisfaction and engagement is towards successful acquisition and retention, and a brand that can ensure good customer satisfaction will profit the most from Loyalie’s AER solutions.

Cashback vs steep discount of every purchase, what you seem works better with consumers?

When it comes to Loyalty or Referral rewards, Loyalie doesn’t believe that either cash-back systems or steep discounts on every purchase are very good options as they can lead to revenue-depletion, brand-image destruction or both. Loyalie allows clients to offer a stamp-based Loyalty/Referral reward program, where customers are rewarded tangibly through freebies or discounts that are redeemable against a stipulated number of visits (instead of against any particular amount of purchase).

Presently, how much commission you’re earning (% wise) on every purchase made via your platform?
Loyalie operates on an annual subscription based model, whereby clients are charged a yearly subscription fee to avail of our Software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. We do not earn any commission based on any amount of sales made by the client.

 At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

Currently Loyalie operates in four cities, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai, out of offices in Bengaluru and Kolkata (Head Office), catering to clients in the Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Retail, Fitness, Education, Healthcare, Entertainment and Automobile industries. We are looking to expand to more cities and to more market segments beyond the ones we are presently serving. Our app is also expected to get more key features which would strengthen its functionality while simplifying its ease of use.


Akhil Saraf