New demand for smart bags with increase in travellers says Nilesh Ahire

In a quick conversation with Indian Retailer Luxury brand Carrialls CEO Nilesh Ahire tells hows the market for luxury brands in India, why smart luggage bags are the next big thing and more
Nilesh Ahire

Tell us about Carriall's brand journey in India?

After many years of experience and extensive research, I decided to launch my own brand Carriall in 2015.It is built around the key principle of user-centric design and caters to anyone on the go - from business executives to those who travel for pleasure. While all our backpacks are made as per U.S. and European standardizations, Carriallbags are created in India to bring high quality and luxury luggage bags to the Indian customers. We have recently launched the smart backpack range.

Tell us more about the smart backpack and the idea behind the launch of this product?

Carriall is India’s first smart travel unisex backpack and it is named under two categories Vasco and Columbus. The bagscome with a unique app to ensurethey are safe when a customer is travelling. They come enabled with a Bluetooth tracker and a USB charging port. The smart backpacks are water repellent and come with an anti-cut construction and a power bank connection. After focusing on the needs of the customers, especially the tech-savvy and new age customers, we decided to integrate technology in Carriall’s range of bags and to make the travellers’journeys easier.

Do you have any competitors in this segment?

Currently, in the smart and innovation luggage we do not have any competition. Also, our designs and pricing are an added benefit to us. Brands with similar features have much higher pricing while in our price category the current brands neither offer similar features nor use high quality materials that we use. 

How is the current market for luxury bags in India?

India is a very fast growing market and with the growing economy, more and more Indians are travelling both within and outside the country. This growing demand for travel also sees people more interested in bags which have high quality features.

 What are your targets and how do you plan to scale?

We have launched Carriall’s first range of smart backpacks which will see various additions in terms of designs, colors and functionality in the near future. We are also going to soon launch a premium range of luggage bags. 

How is the demand for tech innovation in fashion and apart from smart backpack what other products are you launching in this segment?

Tech innovation is evolving every year and new innovative products are constantly being tried and used in different areas to meet customer demands. Apart from smart backpacks, we also intend to launch an extremely innovative range of luggage bags to make a benchmark in the luggage bags industry.

What are your expansion plans?

We've designed Carriall in India as an international brand and our expansion plans are to make it a global brand.



Nilesh Ahire