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Online is a great medium to scale fast: Kirti Jindal

In conversation with Kirti Jindal, Head, Sales and Marketing, Veuza, who spoke about the idea of venturing in brick and mortar space and much more.

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BY Zarafshan Shiraz  |  September 12, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
Online is a great medium to scale fast: Kirti Jindal
Kirti Jindal

Veuza, a fashion accessory brand launched its flagship store in Gurugram, at MGF Metropolis mall. The store offers exclusive range of Veuza bags at an inaugural discount of 30-50% on latest merchandise. In conversation with, Kirti Jindal, Head of Sales and Marketing at Veuza, throws light on the brand’s digital success so far, his expectations from it and its late entry into brick and mortar.

What potential do you see in the market of speciality retailing?
Today, the market is driven by individuality of the customer. While making a purchase, customers want to relate to the values and identity of the brand that they are buying. This is where speciality retailing plays a major role.

Most mass market products are not able to create unique offerings that connect emotionally with the customer. We saw great potential in creating such unique stories that can create niche in multiple categories.

With businesses proceeding from offline to online, you ventured the other way round. Why such a late entry into the brick and mortar market?
Online is a great medium to scale fast and get feedback on your products without significant investments. As a concept, what we are bringing to the market is unique, hence we decided to launch online first, in order to get customer’s perspective and incorporate that feedback before scaling and investing further.

We have spent the last few months testing our products with customers and incorporating their feedback. We have also learnt a few things that have surprised us. For example:  We have found that the sale of our high-ticket laptop bags is much faster than other products like handbags and clutches. We have taken all these learnings into consideration before going offline.

What classic USP of Veuza has upheld its survival in the digital market for so long?
The sturdy built, the wide range of colours and unique style are the USP of Veuza. Our style and colour don’t fail to attract attention in digital space. Also, our laptop bags have been a big hit. We believe, their bright hues combined with professional design, makes them extremely desirable.

What is the pricing range of your brand products?
Our products include handbags, laptop bags, backpacks,totes, travel bags, sling bags and clutches. They are priced between Rs 700- 4500/-

What sets you apart from your competitors?
Our products are of leatherette and Jacquard fabric. We rely more on mix of fabric unlike other brands who focus solely on one fabric like faux leather or canvas. Our unique, non-leather look approach makes us stand apart from the herd.

With your first store launched, what new ways do you have in mind to serve the customers?
Our presence in both online and offline channels allows us to create a unique omni-channel experience in our space. We let our customers to order online, but have it delivered from the store. They can even check out the product in-store and place an order online. They can receive the delivery anywhere in India.

What are your expectations from your recently launched flagship store in Gurugram?
Our Gurgram store will function not just as a point of sale but also as a hub of activity for our brand. We plan to use the store to engage in customer interactions, new products launch, and exclusive events for our fans and lot more. The store will also act as a nerve centre for all engagement activities that we plan in the NCR area.

What are your expansion plans post this store?
Our target is to reach 5 stores by the end of this financial year.

What would be the key focus area of your plans to scale up?
Our focus will be on tier 1 and metro cities. We will open niche stores in high street areas to expose customers to our product concept and design. We are very confident that the uniqueness of our designs paired with impeccable quality and pricing will lead us to success.

How have you coped so far with the challenges posed in this business?
The founding team is completely aligned about the vision of the brand and the values of our business. We are here to create a brand that will live on for ages. The razor focus on our long term business economics means that we will not let temporary challenges or gaps hamper our enthusiasm or confidence in building Veuza.


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