Our primarily focus is on health and wellness: Piyush Chhabra

In conversation with Piyush Chhabra, Founder & CEO, Mea ame, who talks about his interesting business concept.
Piyush Chhabra, Founder & CEO, Mea ame

Working on quite a few concepts which are not been explored yet, Mea ame is researching on drinks which are healthy and could be a replacement for Organic Smokes. Talking to us Piyush Chhabra, Founder & CEO, Mea ame, shares his sibling trio’s quest to stay healthy and come together to form a company that would launch similar health conscious products - Organic Smokes being one.

When and how was the concept behind this incepted?
We are three brothers and we all were smokers back in college life out of curiosity of social need or parody you can say. One day we thought of smoking green tea and that’s where the idea got formulated into a concept of Organic Smokes - an Ayurvedic Smoking Therapy.

Given the competitive pressure to stay ahead, what innovative products/services have you contributed in the market?As of now, we just have one product that is Organic Smokes. 38 more products are in pipeline and we will launch them by this year. Our primary focus is on health and wellness. We are working on another start-up as that is our marketing tool for launching a brand in the FMCG sector.

What is the price range of your products/services?
One pack of Organic Smokes is 255/10 smokes. It comes in 3 variants regular, mild and menthol. We are setting up distribution centres district wise.

What are the challenges faced and lessons learnt?
Even if you’re selling gold, the gold is with you if you can’t sell it. The main key is awareness about the product and pitching it to the right customers. It doesn’t come over a night but with time and patience. The customers or stores who rejected to keep the product are now asking for the product placement. We learnt that the consumers are market driven and so, if you win over consumers then there is a market for you.

What are your expansion plans?
We’ve launched Organic Smokes in Australia last month and are planning to launch it in 100 countries by March 2020.


Piyush Chhabra