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Our vision is to provide a bespoke experience with our handpicked selection of eyewear: Ishaan Kataria

In conversation with Ishaan Kataria, Director, Gem Opticians, who talks about the eyewear industry and what actually customer want.

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Ishaan Kataria

With the sleek and retro glass frames back in style, Ishaan Kataria, Director, Gem Opticians, tells what more is currently trending in the eye care industry, their unique contribution in it and challenge faced in this retail space.

What trends have you witnessed in the eye care industry?
Eye care industry has become a very trend-specific industry and we’ve seen many trends appear, become obsolete and then make a return again. Currently, the sunglasses with unique shapes are trending and are willing to move past the traditional aviators and wayfarers. The oversized glasses trend is a mixture of cat eyed and round glasses; they are definitely a head turner. Sleek retro/vintage laid back glasses have a subtlety to it and are a favourite. Light weight sunglasses make sense if you‘re to wear them at all times. Light coloured tints are also really stylish and trending.

What styles are you inspired by?
Besides the local trends and celebrity spotting, we also closely look at the international and runway trends that inspire our creation of eyewear. Since we’re a multi-brand designer boutique we try to ensure that we don’t restrict our inspirations to one particular style or aesthetic, but rather aim to create the best for each style/kind of eyewear.

What has been your outstanding contribution in making people perceive eyewear not as a functional tool but as a fashion accessory?
Our outstanding contribution in making people perceive eyewear not as a functional tool but as a fashion accessory has been by bringing the finest and most exclusive international eyewear brands to India. We believe that our role in bringing niche designer eyewear and lesser-known supreme quality brands automatically push our consumer to view eyewear as more than just a utilitarian product.

How do you stand apart from your competitors?
Our vision is that we strive to provide a bespoke experience complete with our handpicked selection of eyewear. We’re constantly upgrading and innovating to keep up with global trends, we continue to aspire to exceed the expectations of our esteemed patrons. We provide gamut of the best and authentic brands all under one roof. Our staff is well trained to offer their expertise and help people strike a balance between the comfort level, functionality and aesthetics when it comes to purchasing eyewear. We like to believe it is our integrity and our adherence to commitments; embedded in our values that separate us from the competition.

What are the challenges faced in coming up with innovations to keep up with the global trends?
The biggest challenge we face to keep up with global trends is the quick change in trends which can result in a dead stock for a boutique space like ours.

Discuss your innovations in the retail space.
Our innovations in retail space include:

-Personalized customer-service

-Meticulous after-sales service

-Ease of product selection with scientific visual merchandising

-Efficient assistance via personalized fashion advice

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