Parvati Fabrics ventures into apparel space

In an exclusive conversation with Vikash Parichewal, Co-Founder, Raisin sheds light on newly launched fashion brand Raisin.
BSE Listed Parvati Fabrics ventures into apparel space

Parvati Fabrics, leader in manufacturing, trading across India and exporting in various countries worldwide for high-quality fabrics and designer womenswear for over three decades has come up with its own fashion label Raisin.

Tell us about Parvati Fabrics Ltd and what kind of distribution the company has in India and overseas market? Also, going forward what are the plans to scale up the distribution?

Parvati Fabrics has been in the market for over three decades now and has aced the game in national as well as global textile markets. It is a wholesaler brand that offers ethnic wear like Lehenga, Suit, Saree, etc.

After gaining significance in the wholesale markets, Parvati Fabrics decided to enter the retail market with a new brand under them, which is called Raisin. Raisin is designed keeping maximum comfort in mind. The brand targets at today’s modern women within the age group of 18-45. Raisin brings together the perfect fusion between ethnic and contemporary for those who love experimenting with their outfits.

Also tell us about Raisin. Being a wholesaler what was the rationale behind coming up with your own private label? What is the current distribution for Raisin in India and international markets? How do you plan to expand the brand? Do you also operate in franchise space?

After successfully operating in the global wholesale textile market for over 30 years, Parvati Fabrics decided to diversify into manufacturing of a contemporary clothing line for the modern Indian woman. The motive to do so was to keep up with the dynamic trends of the fashion world and reflect the essence of the modern Indian woman. With the strong support of Parvati Fabrics.

Currently, Raisin has its own official e-commerce website and is also available on Amazon, Myntra, Jabong and AJIO, hence not only serving to the Indian market but also the global ones. Armed with the combination of premium quality fabrics and aesthetically crafted styles, Raisin is ready to build itself as the ultimate go-to brand that is widely accepted and revered when it comes to high quality fabrics, chic designs and trendy styles.

The brand also possesses strong internal functionality as well as a colossal understanding on various fabrics and textiles; their aim is to be available across the country through the mediums of SIS and EBOs.

As mentioned before, Raisin is not only available on its own website but also serves through various other e-commerce portals. It has also collaborated with local retailers to reach the target market. As of now, it is not planning to expand into the franchise arena, but it is definitely coming up with its own stores very soon. This will not only make Raisin’s fusion wear far more accessible to the right audience but also get the brand in direct touch with the consumers, thus, helping to outdo itself.

Being operational into fashion and lifestyle space, what kind of retailing challenges do you see on B2B and B2C space?

Parvati Fabrics has been operational in the B2B sector for over 30 years. When we launched Raisin, the main challenge was to create products for the target audience at affordable prices while not compromising on quality and comfort. While B2B was an entirely different arena, entering the B2C space has helped us to get in touch with our customers directly and understand their needs and changing trends.

Fashion and lifestyle space is extremely competitive in India as well as overseas. In such scenario, what is your strategy to stay ahead of the competition?

We see ourselves being a brand synonymous to comfort and fashion and one our customers can trust to provide fashionable products which are innovative and sustainable

that fulfill our customers’ need of a fashionable wardrobe. Thus, when it comes to Raisin’s survival in the highly dynamic local and global markets, we focus mainly on the quality and comfort of the clothes and the rest takes care of itself.

Tell us about your retailed products and categories. Also going forward what are the plans to expand existing product categories?

Raisin aims at offering maximum comfort and quality within a very affordable price range to the modern Indian woman. It brings to you a set of fusion wear that is ethnic along with evident influence of modern culture. The existing products and categories are Kurtis, Tunics, Dresses along with Palazzo, Dhoti and Pant sets. We also plan to introduce more products soon. We shall talk about them as they come.

Also kindly shed light on your average bill size and best selling price points?

Raisin offers an array of clothing attire that have been designed, keeping in mind the everyday needs of the modern Indian woman. From a wide selection of vibrant hues to elegant prints, that not only appeal to different personalities but also cater to the needs of any occasion - whether it’s deciding what to wear to work, a party, a festival or any other celebration. Our product prices range between 799 to 4999 INR, hence making the brand very accessible and affordable for the target audience.

At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

As for the growth, we have come a long way with as many as 5 collections with different color shades, cuts and prints, depending upon the changing seasons and trends. We have recently launched our new collection Saanjh. It is available on all e-commerce giants now.




Vikash Parichewal