Returning to the roots
Returning to the roots
People enjoy modern lifestyle but are aware of its flaws and seek products to balance its ill-effects. As they say – ‘the proof is in the pie’ - the substantial growth rate of this sector itself is a direct reflection of increasing consumer awareness and acceptance of wellness as an integral part of their lifestyle, opines G Saisudershan, Chief Operating Officer, Omved Lifestyle Pvt Ltd. 
In Wellness retail, what changes have you observed since the time you began operating?
The Retail Wellness Industry in India has evolved rapidly from its nascent unstructured state, beginning in the early 90s to a comprehensive ecosystem. Modern retail is expected to grow by 26 per cent every year. There are some emerging trends in the beauty sector in India responsible for this growth. People today are more aware of what they use so there has been a gradual shift from chemical cosmetics to natural/herbal personal care alternatives. The rising affluence of the middle class segment; has upped their lifestyles and willingness to buy beauty products and services. The Indian beauty services and spa sector is witnessing an increased number of international players leading to more exposure for the customer.
What are your offerings in healthy living segment? 
Omved’s product offering is split into three broad categories – aromatherapy, skin and hair care and health therapies. Our range of products is free from harmful chemicals which help people to restore their natural beauty and health. Whilst we will not be adding more categories, we will be constantly striving to enhance their depth and range. 
What is your differentiating factor? 
Omved has tapped the therapeutic qualities of the ancient Vedic traditions into its products because it possesses the secret to living a healthy and a holistic life. This makes us altogether a different company than anyone in the market. Along with natural living, we promote conscious and sustainable living. 
How do you marketyour products? 
Being an eco-friendly company, we have started plastic-free mobile customer loyalty programme and we also market our products through SMS and email campaigns because we know that this generation is a social media generation. 
We also conduct many events like know your personality know your chakra, free foot spa for moms on Mother’s day, Ayurvedic cooking to generate consciousness about sustainable and organic living to impart more awareness about the benefits of green living which forms the premise of our products. 
In this segment, is it difficult to establish trust with customers? 
We being first and only pledge signer of Safe Cosmetic Campaign from India of Environment Working Group, gives authentication. Our products have only one purpose – to make Vedic living practical and easy – to help people live in balance, in accordance with the laws of nature.  
What new services and choices do you offer to people?
Omved in its store offers five sensory experience. An awakening experience for your sense of smell, touch, sight, sound and taste. 
What initiatives have you chalked out for future growth?  
Omved is undergoing complete revamp and is on its way to becoming a contemporary and complete wellness solution provider. We have ambitious and aggressive plans to penetrate the market through 300 plus SIS this year along with a greater thrust in eComm space making Omved accessible to all age group across the length and breadth of India.  
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