Silver Jewellery Goes Tic-tac-toe

The Retailer Media caught up with Ashit Kumar and Siddhant Aneja of ZeroKaata, on what makes them an out-an-out online fashion brand specialising in pure silver and 925 sterling silver jewellery with natural gemstones.
Silver Jewellery Goes Tic-tac-toe

ZeroKaata team promises to delight the customers and rather than being a jewellery provider, strive to be a service provider, with inspiration from artisitic designs. The young team at ZK assures to deliver their best to quench the needs of a teenager girl as well as the contemporary women.


Why a jewellery business?

ZeroKaata is founded by three men in their mid twenties, jewellery and apparel are the best options for us to get in touch with the beautiful ladies around, we chose jewellery over apparel as it is yet to be exploited as much. Just kidding! Jokes apart, a memorable outing is the culmination of many beautiful moments. For a woman, the coming together of all the ingredients of jewellery makes her happy and satisfied. With that goal in mind, we dug deep, far and wide to bring for our sisters, mothers and all beautiful ladies carefully drawn and curated collection of handcrafted jewellery. The best- kept secrets of those in the know are now yours to keep forever. That’s the inspiration behind


What are you finding interesting about the jewellery market today?

Jewellery is everlasting and should not be based on fads. When it comes to jewellery, we dislike using the word 'trend', which implies collective and fleeting obsession. As an online jeweller, we constantly strive to create pieces that have distinctiveness and timelessness at their core. The interesting thing about jewellery is that there is no design which is bad, some might be less liked or less sold but there is always at least a buyer for any design


How do you source the merchandise?

We are getting all our products manufactured exclusively for our brand name 'ZeroKaata' as we are involved ourselves in the process of procuring gemstones and further getting them handcrafted under the experts. We get the designs from our designers, source silver and gemstones and get every piece made ourselves. This helps us in giving a personal touch to all the SKUs by carefully maintaining a good likeable and sellable product keeping the cost in mind of Indian women of all strata.


What quantum of merchandise do you have online?

As of now, we have more than 200 SKUs. We plan to add 30-50 designs every month from April. Also, our entry price point starts from Rs.199 and goes up to Rs. 5999 having varied designs across categories which gives ample space to play with quantity and also margins.


Aside from having an online store of your own, is your label available on other eCommerce sites as well?

Yes, we are retailing our products on other e-tailers. As of now, we are there on around 10+ e-tailers in India. Also in our next steps, once we establish our foot in India, we wish to make it global as we have been getting queries from Nepal, USA, UK.


Tell us something about the brand, ZeroKaata and your achievements till date.

Founded in August 2014, our brand received accolades in October when we got featured by Cosmopolitan magazine's anniversary issue and 2015 took off with Littleblackbook, Delhi's  "New in Town" capsule had ZeroKaata's feature. With the launch of our website in the month of January, we have more than 200 happy customers with their testimonials to keep us motivated.

Ashit Kumar and Siddhant Aneja