V Renaissance:Bespoke Personalised merchandise
V Renaissance:Bespoke Personalised merchandise
V Renaissance has redefined the concept of bespoke brands by understanding client’s core personality and translating it into a piece of art. In an exclusive conversation with Retailer media, Vipul Amar, Founder and Harsheen Arora, Creative Director of V Renaissance, share views about their bespoke brand.
Tells us about the inception of your brand?
V Renaissance is an extension of the people who make it. The idea behind the brand was to create things that we loved but were unable to find them easily. The "we" comprises of Vipul Amar - an entrepreneur and photographer; Harsheen Arora - a psychologist and creative director; Prayas Chutani - an engineer and photographer; and Gireesh Nair - a financial head and graphic designer.
The brand was conceptualised to be a bespoke brand, as each one of us believes that every individual is unique. Art being our forte, we started with photographic artwork on canvas, wallpaper and silk couture. Bespoke art includes a personalised photo-shoot with the team where I use my psychological skills to bring out the real self of the protagonist by understanding their core personality and translating it into a piece of art. The same idea of bespoke now extends to our leather merchandise, which includes - leather jackets, furniture, bags and luggage, helmets, desk tools, and lingerie.
Leather accessories is a segment where touch and feel is something that drives customers. In that context, how do you satisfy your customers?
Once our client books an appointment with us at our studio they get to see, touch, feel and try our range of products. When crafting a bespoke piece, the client chooses the leather from our extensive range of samples. The experience also includes the client seeing the whole leather hide before we proceed.
How have you priced your products, keeping in mind the price sensitive Indian consumer?
Our target clientele are HNIs who are looking for something more than what is available off the shelf. Clients who are looking to own something distinct and luxurious that depicts their persona. Whether it is designing a new home, a new personal look or a new experience - we bring warmth, that personal touch, and that special niche where our clients can connect with their inner self. The V Renaissance brings to the client - something to make them feel good - giving them something special to experience every day, every moment. To achieve this kind of detailed personalisation entails higher costs.
However, our ready to buy range starts from INR 8,500/- for a card holder and goes up to 4.5 lakh for a piece of furniture.
What are your strategies to compete with other brands?
One of the distinct factors of V Renaissance is that we are absolutely true to the term bespoke. Me being a professional practicing psychologist helps us to reach the depths of what our clients are actually looking for. Let me explain this to you by an instance - we had a client who wanted a leather cardholder. One of the personalisation options that we offer includes the client having their names/initials embossed on the leather or a special coat of arms designed and etched in a brass pin on the cardholder.
Apparently, the client's initials were identical to a very well-known fashion brand because of which up until now no matter how he placed them, others always assumed the article was from that particular brand. We decided to design his coat of arms to solve this problem. In order for us to do justice to his name, we had a long session with him where we understood the most important aspects of who he is as a person. Every detail that exists in his coat of arms today has a meaning for him in his life - including the shape of the shield, the colours, and the font that was especially designed for him. It has become his identity today. The same coat of arms is now on his desk set and his lapel too.
Yes, the heritage brands do offer similar services, but only to their top clients. V Renaissance caters to clients who are passionate individuals. What we do here holds more personal and emotional value for our clients.
How have you positioned your brand in India?
V Renaissance is one of the first Made in India Luxury Bespoke brand.
Do you have plans to venture into digital space? And are you planning to raise funds?
Yes, we do. 
What according to you is the future of luxury brands in India?
Luxury brands in India have a great potential to grow. With the emerging trends, India will be seeing immense growth of luxury brands. This we will owe to the increasing brand awareness among the youth and an increase in the spending power of the upper class.
What are your expansion plans?
We intend to take the brand global with several stores in premium locations worldwide, and at the right addresses. We are also looking for like-minded brands and associations where we can collaborate to take our next step into ready to wear and on the shelf retails. Alongside that, we are soon launching a whole new range in leather apparels, which is prevalent in the Western world, but is new to the Indian market.
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