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We are keen to have offline presence: Jidnyasa Butley

Jidnyasa Butley is one of the founding members of Paaduks as of now she manages the entire production and operation at Paaduks. While speaking with she sheds light on brand’s growth story.

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BY Shipra Srivastava  |  October 09, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
We are keen to have offline presence: Jidnyasa Butley
Jidnyasa Butley

Paaduks is footwear brand which made shoes out of eco-friendly products such as cotton and jute, vegan material, and soles made from up-cycled rubber such as discarded tires, used conveyor belts, old rubber mats and so on. Upcycling of discarded rubber to make soles does not involve any chemical processes. Yet the brand is very reasonably priced. Let's get into the brand's journey so far.. 

How the brand Paaduks gets conceptualized? And how you plan to expand the footprint??

The brand gets conceptualized sometime during 2013. Initially, the venture was started by Jay Rege and his wife Joytsana. Although, at later stage more and more people started getting associated with the brand that also includes me, I joined the organization in 2014. Initially we started with making shoes made out of upcycled tyres. In fact, till today this is one of our major USP. Primarily, we retail online but also have tie-up with few local retail stores in five-six cities. Though, our online store is operational  pan India.

Has any incubator or VC is supporting your venture?

We have been supported by business incubator ‘Unlimited India’ they specializes in supporting social venture. Unlimited India is not a funding institution. They supported us on coaching and guided side to grow the venture. So, we have not raised any sort of equity, we are completely self funded.

So, any plans to raise any sort of funds now?

We are looking to raise funds may be in small amount. However, we are not looking at VC kind of funding at the moment. We would be more interested in angel sort of funding.

The brand is operational since three-four years now. So what kind of consumer base you have garnered so far? Also shed light on average order generation and price points?

As of now 200-230 shoes a month, usually, we do get bulk orders. Other fashion market places such as Limeroad, Jaypore also sell our products. Our average price point starts from Rs.500. As of now we are into shoes and chapals for men and women but going forward we wish to put focus on chapals with lower price points.

Are you aspiring to complete with major footwear retailers such as Metro and Mochi?

No, we would continue to put focus on lower price points. Our target audience is masses with less focus on elite. However, we are keen to present in high end retail chains. Through, nothing substantial has been done in that regard.  

Any plans to foray into offline retail?

We might have plans to go offline as well. But, currently we are not funded that much to have our own exclusive retail store.

As far as categories are concerned the focus would remain on footwear only? Any plans to foray other categories such as accessories?

Our USP is eco-friendly or up cycled products. If we gain the expertise to make other products in eco friendly manner we would definitely look into the same.

What is your sourcing channel to get upcycled or discarded tyres?  

We basically get it from scrape dealers.


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