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We have a range of products that suits the needs of every customer: Ronit Khadilkar

In conversation with Ronit Khadilkar, Executive Director, Mirage Ceramics, who talks about the company’s innovative products and their strategy of growth.

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BY Zarafshan Shiraz  |  September 14, 2017  |  comments ( 0 )  | 
We have a range of products that suits the needs of every customer: Ronit Khadilkar
Ronit Khadilkar

Mirage Ceramics has grown from being one of the largest importers of ceramic wall tiles in India to be an iconic symbol of artistry and creativity in tiles manufacturing and flooring solutions. In conversation with Indianretailer, Ronit Khadilkar, Executive Director, Mirage Ceramics throws light on Mirage’s innovative products and their strategy to survive the crash.

Tell us about your innovation of GVT
GVT (Glazed Vitrified Tiles) is essentially a multipurpose product which is stronger, more durable and more attractive than a regular ceramic tile. It uses a coating of glaze on the surface to make the tile tougher, scratch & dust resistant and aesthetically more pleasing. GVT is the product which is going to be used in every household in the future instead of the current trend of polished tiles.

What trends are you inspired by?
The tile industry is a very dynamic industry where we get to observe change in trends almost every day. However, there are few products like the mirror finish tiles and the exclusive gold and silver highlighters that make use of the latest technology and intricate designs to grab the eye of regular customers and industry experts alike. These are the kind of trends that inspire me and make me want to improve on my products regularly.

Where do you trade your material from and on what basis?
A manufacturer always trades a product only when the cost of manufacturing the product is higher than the cost of trading. In our case, we trade certain mass driven products from a place called Morbi in Gujarat. The sole reason for trading that material is the cost of trading the material is much lower than the costs we would have to bear if we had decided on manufacturing the product.

What makes you an iconic symbol of artistry and creativity in tiles manufacturing and flooring solutions?
Unlike other tile manufacturers in the country, Mirage has always placed a lot of emphasis on the product. We have made use of every resource we have at our disposal to make sure our product is unique and suits the needs of our customers. As a brand, we have always focused on creating trends rather than following them.

Under what range do you charge for your products and services?
Our brand is known for exclusivity and a unique range of products and designs. For those kinds of products that are the pride of our brand, we charge a bit on the higher side. However, we also have a range of products that consists simple elegant designs and rich textures for which we have a very competitive pricing.

What benefits are in stored for customers when they opt for your products and solutions?
We have a range of products that suits the needs of every customer. We guarantee every customer quality standards of the highest order and hard work to maintain them. In addition to the exclusive product range, we always strive to give our customers a personalized service. Our team of highly trained professionals is always a phone call away to provide solutions to every one of your problems. We assure every customer complete satisfaction.

With vitrified tile makers continually losing market share, how are you planning to stay afloat?
Vitrified companies in India mostly manufacture generic products for the masses with no special emphasis on the quality or the design of the product. We focus most of our attention on the product development and R&D of raw material to make our product exclusive to generate a certain pull from the markets for our product. This will ensure we not only stay afloat, but also succeed in the current cut-throat industry.

What has been your mantra in battling challenges since the past two decades?
Satisfying all the stakeholders of the company from the customers to the employees to the suppliers has been our only mantra since inception. Providing customers and good quality products at competitive prices and making sure our employees and suppliers are happy working with us is the only route that guarantees success.

How is the distribution model changing?
Most manufacturers are getting rid of the layers in the distribution model. Trying to eliminate distributors and contacting the dealers directly has been a proven strategy for success in the recent years. Manufactures are also setting up exclusive stores through which they eliminate all the middlemen and approach the customer directly, thus passing on all the benefits directly to the customers.

What according to this model is your franchise strategy and expansion plan?
Our brand is planning to set up exclusive stores to get in touch with the end consumers directly. This will ensure that our customers will get maximum benefit from us and we will get accurate feedback from the customers so that we can constantly improve on our products and services.

In this highly unorganised sector, how do you intend to counter competition?
Creating a brand and setting oneself apart from the herd is the only strategy to counter competition in an unorganized sector. Mirage has successfully created a niche for itself in the industry with the help its products instead of focusing only on the price of the products.

What makes you stand out among other ceramic businesses?
It is our desire to create trends and our focus on development of new products that help us stand out among other businesses. Unlike most industry giants, the culture of our organisation is driven by the youth which makes our business look different from other businesses.

How do you expect to sprint ahead?
Our focus of product development and our desire to stay ahead of the curve will help us sprint ahead. We always emphasize on creating trends instead of following them to always be step ahead of our competitors.


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