From-Clicks-To-Bricks: The Beauty Co to Expand Physical Presence, Test International Waters

The Beauty Co. has been able to carve a niche for itself due to its distinctive ingredients that offer something wholesome and fresh to its customers.
From-Clicks-To-Bricks: The Beauty Co to Expand Physical Presence, Test International Waters

The Beauty Co. is today one of the fastest-growing online beauty and personal care brands in India. Founded in 2018 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat by Suraj Raj Vazirani, it is a premium Indian skincare and grooming brand that has a vast portfolio of products in four categories namely - hair, body, skin, and oral care. 

The company quickly rose to become a favourite among Indian consumers, with its very first offerings, the Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and Coffee Scrubs on Amazon, which became instant hits. Following the rising demand of these unique products, the company launched a complete range of skin and hair care products, which became very popular on e-commerce websites like Nykaa, Flipkart, Amazon, BigBasket, and Paytm, among others, who, in turn, sold directly to customers. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response, it decided to scale up. 

The Beauty Co. has been able to carve a niche for itself due to its distinctive ingredients that offer something wholesome and fresh to its customers. Its cruelty free products are also paraben-free, silicon-free and sulphate-free and hence are completely safe, as they naturally enhance the overall appearance of skin and hair. Made only from ingredients sourced from nature, these products are pure, gentle, no-fuss-easy-to-use and an added benefit is that their compact packaging makes them convenient to carry everywhere, making them highly appealing to consumers. 

In a conversation with IndianRetailer, Suraj Raj Vazirani, Founder, The Beauty Co. shares the secret behind tasting success, future plans of the brand and a lot more.

Excerpts from the interview:-

Share with us the secret recipe of your success amid pandemic.

Our tagline, #TheCareYouDeserve completely sums up our brand’s philosophy, and we believe that our not-so-secret recipe to success has been all about pampering our customers to the fullest.

We do not see ourselves as just another brand that is here to offer trendy beauty products, but one that carefully curates premium offerings, sourced from the best ingredients in nature. We also believe that our focus on innovation and constantly reinventing ourselves with products that are brand new to the Indian market, have played a key role in our great success. 

We are passionate about bringing organic creations to the forefront and believe that our customers appreciate a brand with a soul, especially as our range is completely cruelty free. 

Additionally, our custom-made Chocolate Coffee range of products, launched amidst the pandemic caused quite a stir. The range, which includes The Beauty Co. Chocolate Coffee Face Wash, Face Scrub, Face Mask, Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Butter provided a magical skincare regime amidst the lockdown, for youthful, energized, and glowing skin, instantly gaining fans all over the country and has taken off phenomenally.

Furthermore, like our product range, we believe in being the first movers in everything we do. The Beauty Co. is one among the first Indian skincare brands to launch its very own AR filter on social media, which gained massive traction for us in the media. Our peppy filter allowed users to swipe over to their live camera on Instagram and see what they look like when they use The Beauty Co.’s fabulous four glitter glow mask filters available in black, lavender, green and pink by just tapping on the screen. Additionally, we also launched four half face filters for the bearded men who would like to try on the filter. 

From-Clicks-To-Bricks: The Beauty Co to Expand Physical Presence, Test International Waters

Tell us about the distribution network of the brand.

As of today, we are very well established in the digital circuit, and have concrete plans for large scale physical expansion in the near future. The product range is retailed on our own website, The Beauty Co. as well as through leading e-commerce websites like Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm Mall, Big Basket, Snapdeal, to name a few. 

The Beauty Co. currently offers 24 unique products infused with natural ingredients and the total product count with different variants and sizes is 78 SKUs.

Any plans to expand the physical reach? If yes, what steps are you taking in that direction?

Since we have grown phenomenally online in just over two years, we are expecting to clock in great growth figures, and in turn create a stir with our physical stores as well, and we are extensively mapping out our expansion plans for the same. 

Our goal is to establish ourselves as market leaders in the beauty industry and hence we aspire to spearhead the offline beauty sector with our organic products in the coming years as well. We are optimistic about this move thanks to our sizable brand presence and are also vying international markets. The Beauty Co.’s determination combined with the resilience of the industry does promise a glorious pathway ahead.

Any plans to foray into new categories?

Since its inception, The Beauty Co. has been all about bringing one-of-a-kind products to the forefront, to help offer something special to our beloved customers. Our products are all organic, and the customer today is smart, sensitive, and aware of the world around them, and gravitates towards cruelty free, natural, and vegan products. Hence, we have begun to make arrangements for 10 unique beauty products in various sizes and variants with high quality natural ingredients keeping in mind what works best for Indian hair, body, skin and oral care, ensuring we source these ingredients without causing any harm to our environment, and that the products are completely safe to use for customers. 

Our latest offering, The Beauty Co.’s D’Wine range, is an extension of the same, and we are the first brand to experiment with something as tantalizing as wine and bring its ‘divine’ goodness to help customers all over to pamper themselves to the fullest. Filled with the magical effect of red wine and pomegranate extracts and resveratrol, and the supreme nurturing properties of various berries, it is all set to create a storm and we are excited about bringing this special range to the Indian markets. 

Share with us the future plans of the brand.

Our ambition for the coming years is to be a game changer for the beauty industry and we are an agile firm, constantly looking to reinvent ourselves and build something irreplaceable. 

We believe in the experience of The Beauty Co. and not just the product, and the brand is all about building a narrative that allows our beloved customers to love and pamper themselves just as they are.  From the beginning, we have always stood for breaking stereotypes, and we will continue to be a brand that is about the essence of real beauty, rather than the corporate jargon, and we have a strategic vision of opening multiple real time stores, as well as continuing to be the first market movers with our pioneering natural beauty products. 

What are your expectations from 2021?

We are very optimistic about the upcoming year as we believe that the customer of today appreciates products that deviate from your regular run of the mill offerings and see this as a time of great innovation for our brand as well as the rest of the industry, and an opportunity to further enhance and expand our already diverse product range. We expect to see a surge in sales as the country swiftly recovers from the pandemic, and have observed that due to the lockdown, missing out on shopping experiences has led customers to actively make purchases and re-stock their shelves. We are all set to take the market by storm again with our upcoming range of products and see a limitless sky. 

Suraj Raz Vazirani