Global Sports Brand Trusox Makes India Debut
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Global Sports Brand Trusox Makes India Debut

Originally, Trusox is an innovation by Jim Cherneski, a former footballer, coach and innovator of the Trusox technology. He first made Trusox from his home whilst playing and coaching Crystal Palace Baltimore (United States of America) Football Club. The idea had its first iteration in 2007, much before it was a company or even a brand that was soon worn by the best in class sportspeople in the world, and by 2013 have around 10 per cent of the Premier League wearing it.

Currently in football alone, there are estimates of over 45 per cent of the English Premier League wearing it, whereas it is also widely used across other sports such as cricket, rugby, running, cycling, to name a few. Internationally, Trusox sells out at more than 1000 stores. 

The brand has just entered Indian market. Sanil Sachar, one of the co-owners of Trusox sheds light on India strategy..

Interview excerpts…

How did you assess the right time for India foray especially when sportswear is extremely competitive. Being a start-up brand what would be your strategy to penetrate in this deeply cluttered market?

There could be no better time than this to enter this market. The brand has come to India after becoming the preferred socks for top international athletes across sports around the world. Also, Indian market is evolving tremendously in the athleisure space in India. We are technology driven product with sharp focus on sports apparel market which we growing CAGR of 20%. Though this market is very competitive with brands such as Puma, adidas amongst others, but we are not competing any of them. The kind of products, we are making, nobody is making right now so that is our proprietary. In fact, our product would complement to any leading sportswear brand.

Tell us about your USP.  Also, going forward, the focus would be in socks category only or new categories will be included in your product range?

TRUsox® 2.0 use patented IN//EXtech™, non-slip performance pads, on the inside and outside of the socks, which makes it unique. This is just the beginning for us.  As of now, we offer socks in four different variant. We are keen to introduce other component of sports apparel as well. However, whatever new will introduce technology will be in our back of mind.

Tell us about pricing strategy and retail touch points for Trusox. Going forward, what are the plans to scale-up the distribution?

We are retailing Trusox for Rs 3500. As far as distribution channel is concerned, our focus is on omni-channel also we are in talk with many retail brands to as the part of our distribution strategy. We do not intend to start our exclusive distribution. We will focus on Amazon and as far as online distribution is concerned.

Tell us about the brand’s association with Cricketer Rohit Sharma.

Rohit is an ambassador for Trusox purely because he stands for being a true athlete that can take charge of any situation and lead the team. Also, he is the user of Trusox much before endorsing the brand.

Being an angel investor yourself, how much investment you are looking to put in?

I have already made close to million dollars USD investment as the co-owner. As of now, I cannot comment on further investment strategy. As of now, we are focused on driving the growth.


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