How Chicnutrix is Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Indian Women

It aims to cater to the daily needs of women while offering convenience at the same time.
How Chicnutrix is Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Indian Women
Shilpa Khanna

Women essentially perform versatile roles in their lives. From being nurturers to business owners, every role demands physical as well as mental labor, in turn, augmenting their body needs for nutrition in the right quantity. To fulfill these needs, they need to consume a wide array of nutrition at different stages of their life. 

To facilitate women in meeting their nutritional requirements, Shilpa Khanna-led Chicnutrix started offering nutrition supplements for women. The brand was launched in 2019, in turn, catering to the needs of Indian women.

“The goal is to become the finest wellness and nutrition supplement brand for women in India as their nutrition BFF, as a one-stop solution to all their needs,” Khanna said. 

Offering High-Quality Products and Convenience at One Table  

Being a consumer-centric brand, it tries to render high-quality products to the consumers in the shortest period by eliminating trend lag. The strategy has aided the company during the lockdown where it could render the supply to its ever-growing demand. Its products are mainly sold online. It aims to cater to the daily needs of women while offering convenience at the same time. 

“Every aspect of our business, from product development to marketing, is done keeping women’s consumer psychology and behavior in mind,” Khanna shared. 

Its products are available on its eponymous website along with other e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, and Netmeds.  

Using the Digital Media at Its Best  

The brand has built an online community of women where they are free to talk about various issues of the body and other healthcare concerns. It aims to boost women’s confidence through engagement and high-quality ingredient products. 

“Since the beginning of our online journey, 95 percent of our sales have come through our website. We believe in the importance of technology integration to increase our business as a millennial brand,” Khanna asserted. 

Owing to this, the brand has maintained a strong social media presence on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. On these social platforms, the brand engages with consumers, influencers, medical experts and industry leaders, who help create awareness about health and lifestyle choices.

Expanding the Brand and Its Offerings 

Within two years, the brand claims to have covered more than 2,970 pin codes in India. It has a presence in six other countries around the world. Moreover, it asserts to have grown the business by 3X during the pandemic (in 2020). 

“We started with 4 products and have grown to 8 SKUs in the beauty and wellness product line, specifically the hair, skin and weight management category. Recently, we introduced a product called Chicnutrix Happee which helps cure and prevent urinary tract infections,” Khanna stated.

The brand has started Superfoods as a new category and currently, offers Chicnutrix Skin Superfood. It reportedly plans to foray into plant-based nutrition and weight management with further penetration into the beauty category. It is also informed to go offline shortly as its retail expansion plans are underway. The parent company, Fullife Healthcare has reportedly taken Rs 50 crore funding from Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and Sixth Sense.

“With our in-house R&D and manufacturing, Chicnutrix does not compromise on the quality of the raw materials or the finished products. Utilizing the science behind our products, we will also get into plant-based nutrition and strengthen our portfolio into that,” Khanna shared plans.  

As the company is tending to the women's wellness and nutrition sector, it would be expanding its portfolio, in turn, increasing categories. In the competitive sector, it is utilizing the apt strategy to stay in the game.    

Shilpa Khanna