How Community Building is Helping O' Be Cocktails Reach More Consumers

Established in 2019, Nitesh Prakash Founder of O' Be Cocktails started this passion project with one objective in mind - to make good consistent cocktails.
How Community Building is Helping O’ Be Cocktails Reach More Consumers
Nitesh Prakash

Established in 2019, Nitesh Prakash Founder of O’ Be Cocktails started this passion project with one objective in mind - to make good consistent cocktails. After facing simple issues like different tastes and profiles of the same cocktail at multiple properties, the high price of the category, and the knowledge gap among the consumers, he along with his mixologist friend started making and serving cocktails from his kitchen to his friends. After understanding the recipe, positioning, and packaging - the challenge was to transform the kitchen cocktails into commercially available cocktails for others to enjoy. He spent a year-and-half to figuring out the right ingredients including the best-distilled spirits, natural flavors, garnishes, and others.
We are the only brand with cocktails ranging from white rum, vodka, gin, whiskey, tequila, and others as base spirits. We believe cocktails should not be limited to 1/2 spirits - consumers should have every option available on the shelf. We'll keep engaging with consumers to know their taste and helps us in expanding our range of cocktails,” Prakash stated.
Since day 1, we are consistent in making cocktails with natural ingredients and hence all the ingredients are natural, sustainable, and fresh, hence our shelf life of the cocktails is limited to 6 months only. Every cocktail comes from a different batch ensuring the freshness of the cocktails remains intact,” he further added.

O' Be cocktails
The Power of Social Media
Social media played a major role in the success journey of O’ Be cocktails. The company is using the power of social media to market itself and entering every possible aspect of it to grasp as much attention as it can in order to grow.
We want to be the preferred beverage brand for house parties and social gatherings at home. Keeping that in mind, our marketing strategy revolves around convenience and good cocktails. We are expanding into new markets and reaching every cocktail consumer across all the premium outlets in PAN India, using social media platforms to reach and share our brand story to the consumers, and deep partnership with pubs and restaurants so that consumers can enjoy O'Be cocktails when they go out with their loved ones. Along with that our innovation and new product development team is working towards building new cocktails every day,” he asserted.
Technical Advancement 
In today’s era, almost every brand depends on its technology to maintain and increase the efficiency of systems, products, and services. It helps track and streamline processes, maintain data flow and manage contacts and employee records. In fact, this increased efficiency in operation helps reduce costs as well as enables the business to grow rapidly.
Technology is an integral part of our brand. Starting from a fully automated bottling line helps in making our cocktails and packaging consistent and of top-notch quality - our back-end infrastructure and the system ensure the timely delivery of the cocktails to the retail wine shops. Using social media and other digital platforms to reach and engage with our consumers helps our brand stay alive and meaningful,” Prakash mentioned.

O' Be cocktails
Community Building
Till now, the company has sold 100,000 cocktails since its inception. Reaching out to the new consumers through multiple touchpoints is the key here and it is only possible through communication via multiple channels.
It has been outstanding, we haven't spent money on marketing our brand yet however consumers love the brand, the packaging on the shelf, and especially our brand mascot ‘Cat’ is extremely popular in the O' Be community. We are closely knit with our community in our progress and future. This love helps us to keep innovating and building O' Be as a cocktail brand,” he stated.
Future Goals
O’ Be cocktails have seen immense growth since its inception. The brand has sold 100,000 plus cocktails and has amazing plans for the future.
We are planning to sell 1,000,000 in the next 12 months across PAN India urban markets. We have raised Rs 3.5 crore in an angel round led by First Cheque, Letsventure, Ola’s Bhavish Aggarwal, Ankit Bhati, Tracxn founder Abhishek Goyal, and Sprout Investments. We are utilizing the current funds to hire talent and build the distribution network PAN India which will enable our reach to millions of consumers. Also, we are in final talks to raise a new round of funding,” he concluded.

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Nitesh Prakash