How D2C Brand Sadhev is Planning to go Omnichannel

Sadhev doubled its topline last year and is looking at 2.5X growth in the current year. The brand is looking at Rs 7.5 crore topline in this financial year.
How D2C Brand Sadhev is Planning to go Omnichannel

The journey of the Ayurvedic Skincare D2C brand Sadhev began when Lasakan Cholayil, Co-Founder, Sadhev paid a visit to his ancestral hometown in Kerala, to pay respects to his forefather, Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar. Through his experiences there, he gained a deep understanding of the unconventional healing techniques used by Vaidyars, during this time which led to countless miraculous treatments and exceptional cures. 

According to him, there was a treasure trove of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom lying right in front of him which could be of utmost benefit to the world. His desires grew deeper to bring to this world of noise, chaos, chemicals, and plastics a solution from ancient 200-year-old wisdom that would restore perfect inner balance and enchanting outer beauty. So he decided to execute his ideation into reality, and that’s when Sadhev was born in September 2019. 

The luxury Ayurvedic care blissfully blends the science of wellness with the art of Ayurveda to create an inextricable symphony of the body, mind, and soul. The brand is rooted in an ancestral practice that spans three generations, the ethos of Sadhev – is embedded in the treatments and recipes of his forefather, Brahmasree Cholayil Kunju Maami Vaidyar, a renowned Ayurvedic healer and physician. His family’s roots being deeply intertwined with Ayurveda set the tone and foundation to build something revolutionary that he could make his own.

“Ayurveda has existed for hundreds of years but has been gaining traction the world over only more recently. It is an ancient system of life and also the oldest surviving medical system in the world. Ayurvedic science is not merely a traditional Indian form of medicine but a system of self-care that has survived the test of time and has grown to mold into modern science and methods of treatment. Some of the driving factors favoring the market growth include growing demand for natural and organic products, and increasing consumer awareness which has translated into an increase in sales for Ayurvedic cosmetics products. Organic skincare products are gaining a fast grip in the market and are expected to expand even further. Ayurvedic formulations are tried and tested and we understand that adapting them to the consumer of today is imperative. With the knowledge, experience, and resources we have under our belt, we know that this is the time for our treasure trove of Ayurveda which has been preserved for around 200 years, to leave the corners of Kerala and take center stage,” he asserted.

“Products from Sadhev are infused with precious insights from traditional Ayurveda, delicately blended with pure ingredients, sourced responsibly and carefully from – Sadhevana- Sadhev’s own 80-acre sustainably grown organic sanctuary. Basis our consumer feedback and experiences, we have witnessed that our products had created a major difference in their lives, be it something as simple as creating a permanent solution to the recurring problem of dry skin, where nothing worked before, our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda was able to completely cure the issue at hand,” he further added. 

From D2C to Becoming an Omnichannel Brand

Sadhev is a digital-first brand. Its D2C strategy revolves around its website as the prime source of consumer acquisition. 

“We have a strong relationship with leading e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Purplle, and Tata CliQ Luxury. We are looking at expanding into an omnichannel presence for Sadhev, as we are planning on setting up physical stores as target markets across the country. We will be working towards establishing exclusive brand outlets, where we will aim to provide an immersive experience to our consumers. We are in the process of putting together plans to integrate both our online and offline engagements to bring across the unique omnichannel experience to our consumers,” he explained. 

“In addition to this I also want to create a nutraceutical division for Sadhev, in this way, consumers will have a more holistic solution to help find what they are looking for through an individualized approach. I am also planning to diversify into the service space by creating spas and wellness centers as this is the ultimate way for our consumers to experience the luxury surrounding Sadhev,” he further added.

Going ahead, the brand is looking to partner with select luxury retailers to expand its offline footprint. As the global wellness and Ayurvedic market are seeing an incredible boom, Sadhev aims to become a global brand. It will eventually look at stepping into international retail, which is its long-term plan for Sadhev.

Marketing Strategies

Sadhev’s marketing strategy is built on the three pillars of quality, delivery, and service. The brand highly emphasizes putting quality first and never compromising on this, as this helps enable repeat purchases in this space and brings back consumers to the brand. 

“We never shoot in the dark when it comes to developing new products. I always tried to build customer-centric products, by building solutions around them. At Sadhev, we developed products that are customer focused, with whom we bounce off ideas and share product prototypes. Based on their feedback we make iterations until we have the perfect product.  Our repeat rate of more than 40 percent stands as testimony to our product quality. Our delivery lead time is likely to be the best in the industry. We also offer one-of-a-kind consumer service to ensure our consumer’s engagement with the brand exceeds expectations,” he explained. 

Technology: Driving the Change

Sadhev has been data-intensive since the brand’s inception. It started with automated analytics to help it make faster, more efficient data-backed decisions. 

“We then automated our logistics processes to cut down our delivery lead time. We’re continuously evaluating and integrating technology to automate repetitive tasks and improve overall efficiency. In terms of science, as I mentioned, I bring a lot of currents and emerging scientific knowledge to the table. Our products incorporate expertise from both Ayurveda and science to curate exceptional cures that lead to everlasting results,” he emphasized.

Future Plans

Sadhev doubled its topline last year and is looking at 2.5X growth in the current year. The brand is looking at Rs 7.5 crore topline in this financial year.

At present, the product categories of the brand expand through body, face, and hair care. 

“Under the body care category, we have a wide range of Bathing Bars, Body Lotions, Oils, Shower Oils, and Sunscreens. Within our face care category, we have Gels, Lip Care, Oils, Toners, Sunscreen, Facial Cleansers, and Serums. Under the hair care category we have Cleansers, Colours, Conditioners, and Oils,” he stated.

“Our vision is for Sadhev to revolutionize Ayurveda globally. We intend to offer a holistic approach to Ayurveda and address our consumer’s every need within the beauty and wellness space. The brand is invested in consistently creating newer products and offering for our consumers, which we launch at a gap of every few months. My vision for Sadhev is to become a global brand, as Ayurveda is gaining global relevance and we are looking at entering the international beauty retail space,” he concluded.

Lasakan Cholayil