How Dennison is Blending Innovation with Fashion for Every Indian Man

Dennison has branched out into providing affordable formal and semi-formal clothing to men; it targets to fit into everyone's pockets and meanwhile, create high fashion clothes
How Dennison is Blending Innovation with Fashion for Every Indian Man
Ashwin Seth

Today's men seek for dapper appearance while choosing an outfit. Buying luxe outfits is perceived to be the only way to slay others. However, the notion is turning wrong in the present time as affordability is becoming an important attribute while designing stylish men’s wear. Keeping this in mind, the Gwalior-based apparel line was born in 1988 catering to the needs of people. 

As time passes by, the brand’s lead passed from one generation to another, in turn, offering new fashion in the men’s wear segment. At present, Ashwin Seth, CEO of Dennison, heads the company and aims to blend innovation with fashion. 

“Dennison has positioned itself as a millennial brand that works for everyone. As a pocket-friendly brand, it is accessible to the emerging fashion-conscious power dressing Indian professionals,” Seth said. 

The company has chiefly branched out into providing affordable formal and semi-formal clothing to men. While addressing the needs of customers, the brand targets to fit into everyone’s pockets and simultaneously, create high fashion clothes. 

E-commerce is the Core 

The brand is purely a digital brand and exclusively sells on the e-commerce platform, Myntra. It employs the e-commerce platform to reach out to its target audience. It does not adhere to any specific strategy but primarily focuses on becoming a pocket-friendly brand that can be accepted by people. Besides this, innovation has come into play, henceforth, becoming a vital element. 

“Innovation is core at Dennison. With the launch of functionality clothing like ankle fit trousers and our vision to release a sustainable clothing range, we are doing free marketing. Such collections help attract customers that eventually help us to grow,” Seth says sharing the marketing tactic. 

Augment the Brand with Technology 

Being a wholly digital brand, the company embraced e-commerce at an early stage. For business operations, it has adopted a warehouse management system, thus, making its entire process automated. In addition, it asserts to have employed data analytics to plan inventory and design collection for the new season. 

It is minutely working on the curation of design and pricing strategy. Keeping with the current time, it further claims to revamp its website. Its product categories encompass ethnic men’s wear, plus size wear, office wear, and visions to add a sustainable clothing collection in the offing.   

Accelerating Digital Presence

The brand firmly plans to expedite in the digital realm. It sees a lot of potential in exploring digital spaces. It has not made plans to go offline or establish a retail store. However, it asserts to acknowledge partnerships for offline retail. 

“The company has accelerated 100 percent year-on-year (YoY) for the last two years. We have planned to achieve Rs 14 crore GMV this fiscal year,” Seth added. 

Future Plans 

After rendering men’s wear for decades, the company plans to expand its product range by venturing into the women’s wear segment. Women’s wear is an ever-increasing and lucrative segment; therefore, entering the niche is the right move for the company.  

“We plan to launch women's workwear, dress wear (men’s evening wear), expand plus size and sustainable category, and rolling out footwear and accessories,” Seth says while unveiling the future moves of the company. 

The brand also envisions becoming a leading sustainable brand in the country. Disrupting the men’s wear segment is a tad daunting as many players are participating at the moment. With the brand’s expansion ideas and apt moves, it may create its mark in the ever-growing apparel niche. 

Ashwin Seth