How is Proxgy Providing Immersive Experience to Consumers
How is Proxgy Providing Immersive Experience to Consumers

In the past few years, e-commerce has grown in India, and shoppers now demand augmented content for making informed shopping decisions. Visual commerce enables users to have a near-life immersive experience using 360° videos/photos, 3D images, and more. After observing a gap in the market, Proxgy was started in 2020, enabling brands to provide immersive, real-time, authentic, and reliable shopping content to shoppers for making informed purchase decisions.

Proxgy started as a dorm room service conceptualized for the elderly and other high-risk prone individuals as a pilot in New Delhi during coronavirus citywide lockdown, wherein these people who were at a higher risk of the transmission could stay safe at home while their younger and fitter proxgies navigated the city for them and performed their errands live using an off the shelf Whatsapp video call. The concept received such acceptance that the brand started expanding its services across multiple cities and verticals. From using off-the-shelf technology and hardware, Proxgy developed proprietary tech and hardware to better the end-user experience.

How it Started?

Proxgy ran visual commerce as a pilot in a few local markets in Delhi like Sarojini Nagar and Janpath where it placed its Proxgies equipped with its patented hardware. Proxgies assisted users coming in from the Proxgy app to live shop in these markets.

“Seeing the response and organic growth of the traffic coming in we started approaching brands to offer Proxgy as a solution for their visual commerce needs. We are now selling Proxgy as a B2B solution to brands,” Pulkit Ahuja, Founder, and CEO of Proxgy said.


Amalgamation of Tech

Proxgy is now targeting businesses and industries to make their remote collaboration experience smart, safe, immersive, and hands-free. It provides technology that enables discovery, live visits, and payment through a single plug-in. Retail brands can use the company’s platform and hardware devices, which can be easily plugged into their existing e-commerce solutions to offer a live visit to their offline stores.

The solutions that the brand builds are an amalgamation of proprietary tech and patented devices with customizable sensory layers that provide innovative solutions to problems that were earlier solved manually without the assistance of technology.

“We have developed solutions that have had validation across various industries for numerous use cases including shopping, tourism, real estate viewing, warehousing, remote video KYC, mining, high-value delivery, monitoring, and more,” Ahuja stated.

In the last two years, Proxgy has gained multiple patents for its hardware and technology. It has also built an order book of over 1,00,000 units for its industrial IoT devices. Recently, the company bagged Rs 1 crore funding from Shark Tank India.

“We are running POCs with a few of the top known brands and will soon be making it live,” he added.

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