How Meatigo has Witnessed Three-Fold Growth over the Last Fiscal Year?
How Meatigo has Witnessed Three-Fold Growth over the Last Fiscal Year?

The meat industry is all about maintaining the right temperature to keep the meat fresh, whereas, in India, over 95 percent of meat is sourced from local vendors and open markets. was conceptualized to make better meat available for consumers at the doorsteps pan India.

Meatigo is an online meat and seafood delivery platform that delivers fresh and best products at doorsteps. Meatigo began operations in 2017 out of Gurgaon, where it is headquartered and has now expanded to Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chandigarh, and Chennai.

In an exclusive interview with, Siddhant Wangdi, Founder,, talks about the shift in consumer behavior post-pandemic and the brand’s distribution strategy.

'Farm to Fork' Shift in Consumer Behavior

With the pandemic, eating together at home as a family took the front seat. Everyone was enjoying meals at their own dining table. People were appreciating good food and became more aware of the quality of produce available. So, suddenly the same consumers who ate out at any and every restaurant were able to differentiate between good and average quality.

Further, consumers were looking for different and easy-to-cook varieties that limited their time in the kitchen and improved efficiency. Hence, ordering good quality meats that did not require a lot of cleaning and processing helped drive demand for branded online meat companies.

At Meatigo, we went a step further by developing international and domestic marinades, which could be prepared in less than 10 mins on the grill. Our consumers really loved our products.

State-Of-The-Art Processing Units

Meatigo’s products are and have always been 100% SAFE. We operate various hygienic state-of-the-arts processing, where all meats are further tested for microbial counts, quality before it is processed further at our facilities, cleaned & then packed in vacuum packed to ensure maximum safety & freshness.

We source our poultry products from certified & licensed supply partners who have their network farms.

Our packaging and delivery also go under various testing processes, keeping the meats under temperature control. Post that, meats are transported fresh and daily to our delivery hubs.

Our delivery team delivers the safe meat in temperature-controlled bags to your doorstep. Every batch is processed, tested, checked, and hygienically packed in vacuum packs, using German Technology, all of which are done with temperature control between 0-4℃. Right from the farm to the time the product is delivered to your house.

Distribution Strategy

Our cold chain distribution is our strength. Our products are with our team at the optimal conditions till it’s delivered at the customers’ footsteps. This ensures that the right quality product is delivered. We chose to grow at a steady pace so that we could develop our distribution network with world-class technologies.

Siddhant Wangdi said, “There has been a two-fold increase in business due to migration of consumers from the unorganized sector to organized and from offline to online. Consumers are looking for safer, guaranteed, and healthier meat options for their daily requirements.”

We have our presence in 8 cities across the country and are growing based on demand. We only enter a new city when consumers from that city reach out to us to start operations. This has been the case with all the cities we are currently present in.

Marketing and Branding Strategies

Our marketing and branding strategy hinges on one fact, Quality. We will not compromise on quality. Our assurance to our consumers is that we will always provide the widest range of meats and the best quality.

Being a meat e-commerce company, we focus on digital marketing. However, our biggest marketing has been word of mouth from our customers. We have the highest customer repeat rate and average order value in the country amongst all our competitors.

Future Plans

We are expanding both our reach and product portfolio. We just launched in Chennai. Our expansion is demand-driven as we only go to places where consumers directly reach out to us. As for products, we have a strong R&D team and are constantly churning our offerings to appeal to the diverse palates of our customer base.

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