How Omnichannel Brand Amaara Herbs is Planning to Expand its Reach in International Markets

Rupan Oberoi launched the brand in 2019 with the objective to spread awareness about the dietary advantages of herbs.
How Omnichannel Brand Amaara Herbs is Planning to Expand its Reach in International Markets

India has been known as a land of herbs. With the best of herbal produce supplemented by the dawn of the era of experiment and exploration, many new brands are foraying into the D2C space. And one of such home-grown brands that aim to ensure that the herbal infusions reach out to maximum people across the globe is Amaara Herbs. 

Rupan Oberoi launched the brand in 2019 with the objective to spread awareness about the dietary advantages of herbs. 

Explaining it further, Oberoi said, “Amaara works towards providing the goodness of herbs in different forms of superfoods. We use traditional tincturing methods to offer handmade herbal formulas that give consumers optimum health. The ingredients being blended are organic, and conventional, and comprise certified wild herbs. We strive to provide traditional herbs (Indian expertise) to the Modern You! We believe herbs will bring a change and our aim is to make our products available to every Indian household.”

“We are India’s herb-based F&B brand. We blend and brew to form different superfoods in the form of Herb Brews, Herb Lattes, Honey Infused with Herbs, and Herbal Spreads. We bring healing and therapeutic benefits of these herbs to the modern era in the finest form, making it taste amazing and containing the highest efficacy at the same time,” he further added.

Omnichannel: The Way Forward

The products of Amaara Herbs is available at almost every marketplace in India. Apart from this, the brand is also available for offline sales through general trade and modern trade outlets across Delhi/NCR.

“In terms of international presence, our products sell in the USA and UK and follow similar models. In terms of response, we have witnessed an increase in sales along with good feedback in the international markets,” he asserted.

Product Portfolio

At present, the brand has four product verticals – Herb Brews, Herb Latte, NCTR, and Herb Spreads.

“We are also working on a new product vertical – Pre-Mixes. We are making some ready-to-drink pre mixes with the goodness of herbs. These premixes will have herbs and spices like liquorice, ashwagandha, and ginger. They are expected to become available by the last quarter of 2022 and would be sold through online and offline channels,” he shared.

Future Plans

The online consumers of the brand have been growing by 20 percent month-on-month and its repeat order rate stands at 35 percent month-on-month.

Till now, Amaara Herbs has raised a seed round in October 2021 and it is gearing up for its new round of financing. 

“Our revenues have increased 8X since our last financing and have opened our options in the international waters as well. The new round of financing would be used for marketing, increasing our product portfolio as well as in geographical expansion which would include domestic and international markets. We will be increasing our geographical reach with General Trade and Modern Trade outlets across other metropolitans along with the HoReCa sector,” he explained.

“We have started integrating tech in the form of subscription and prescriptive models to increase our sales and revenues,” he further added.

The brand, which is planning to promote its online presence through marketing including collaborations, marketplace listings, and increased advertisement, is looking at closing the current fiscal at Rs 20 crore. 

As far as international presence is concerned, the brand is currently available at and The international sales of the brand are increasing by 20 percent month-on-month.

“We will be integrating our e-commerce platform for international orders. The shipments for these orders will be handled through warehousing in different cities in USA and UK. We plan to launch our products on and as well. Canada and Middle East countries have huge potential and a good customer base for expansion,” he concluded.

Rupan Oberoi