How R&D is Helping Swiss Beauty Thrive on Innovation

At present, the brand has a presence in all the color cosmetics categories which are lips, eyes, face and nails.
How R&D is Helping Swiss Beauty Thrive on Innovation
Mohit Goyal

Committed to providing Indian consumers with high-end and aspirational cosmetic products, Swiss Beauty is one of the leading brands in the country with a mission to make its customers feel the best versions of themselves. The company mindfully curates products made of high-quality ingredients that are toxin-free.

Incepted in 2008, Swiss Beauty is the brainchild of Amit and Mohit Goyal. The brand believes in elevating Indian beauty to Swiss standards. Swiss Beauty is inspired by the sheer innovation and standards of perfection from Switzerland, combining this with international cosmetic standards with an in-depth understanding of Indian beauty needs. The brand offers an unparalleled experience through its products that are ideal for a variety of Indian skin tones. The co-founders of the brand believe that every Indian girl is unique and can don her individuality with all the sass and confidence she wants. 

Swiss Beauty’s offline footprint is currently stretched across 400 cities. Besides, its substantial presence in retail outlets, the company witnessed enormous growth through its online sphere with products being available across all major e-commerce platforms like Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Purplle, etc. Ranked among the top five brands on e-commerce platforms, Swiss Beauty also launched its website in 2021 and further plans to foray in the international markets in times to come. 

“Our ultimate goal is to serve our consumers with the finest cosmetics and skin care products whilst maintaining their standards yet making it approachable and available for all,” asserts Mohit Goyal, Co-Founder & MD Swiss Beauty.

At present, the brand has a presence in all the color cosmetics categories which are lips, eyes, face, and nails. Swiss Beauty has had a stint in the skincare category which is finding its way with the consumer. 

“The market has responded well for us in this category and we plan to capitalize and foray into skincare more prominently,” he stated. 

Betting Big On Omnichannel

The brand believes that beauty is beyond channels, and markets, and houses itself in the bearer’s soul. This makes it a ‘Market’s Favorite Brand’ crowned by the consumers.

“Our D2C journey began in 2021, and today we command a dominating position on all the major aggregators. Our digital strategy is a clear approached 2 part purview – healthy business from aggregators and scaling brand affinity from our own website. We are pushing our own platform and want to give our consumer the first-hand brand experience to not only build business for our platform but also build brand loyalty,” he explained.

Swiss Beauty is a market-first brand and hence the business contribution is higher from the GT segment vs online. 

“We launched our D2C vertical last year and we are elated to state that with collective efforts we have been able to grow this vertical to acquire a significant share in our business in no time. Business split between both verticals is 75 percent GT and 25 percent online,” he emphasized.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The brand always thrives on innovation, in fact, it was among the first few brands in India to introduce liquid eyeshadow which used to be a prominent concept in the international market. 

“Our RnD has perfected the formulation for matte lipsticks making the lipsticks in the arsenal to be as smooth as silk while being non-transfer, while usually matte lipsticks can either be non-transfer/matte/smooth but never all at once. Our focus now is combining beauty with benefits which we achieve by fortifying the formulation with skin-enhancing serums and actives. We recently launched 2 products – the pro primer prime which has Vitamin C and airbrush foundation which has Hyaluronic acid to benefit the skin under makeup,” he explained.

Future Plans

In the coming years, Swiss Beauty plans to consolidate its leadership position in color cosmetics further and cater to sub-categories of premium and professional requirements. It will include introducing new categories like body care and grooming tools.

“Apart from this, going international is always on the charts, we also have networked distribution in neighboring states like Nepal and Bangladesh, however, we are focused on winning the Indian market and then expanding our horizon to further countries,” he said.

The brand, which has been aiming for Rs 500 crore revenue this fiscal, is on track to achieving one of the widest distribution and retailer networks in the segment.

“Till now, Tier I and Tier II have always been top contributors for Swiss Beauty’s business,” he concluded.

Mohit Goyal