How Sanfe is Riding High in Indian Women Hygiene Segment

Sanfe aims to become an enabler for women to raise their voice, embrace freedom, and make the right choice for themselves
How Sanfe is Riding High in Indian Women Hygiene Segment
Harry Sehrawat

Female hygiene is invariably considered a sensitive topic. Today, the Indian women demographic have advanced in various realms. However, there are still a handful of players catering to the needs of the female population in India. To address women’s concerns, Harry Sehrawat and Archit Aggarwal co-founded Sanfe in 2018. 

Feminine intimate hygiene and skincare brand aims to become an enabler for women to raise their voices, embrace freedom, and make the right choice for themselves. It deals in several categories—period care, intimate care, personal hygiene, and privy matters. 

“Since its evolution, Sanfe as a brand strives to encourage women to own their feminine form with pride and take good care of it inside and out,” Sehrawat said. 

Employing Technology in Product Development 

Technology plays a pivotal role in accelerating the brand. It helps provide relevant and innovative product-based solutions and a rich web experience for easier understanding for any age group. Through advanced tech tools, the company aims to make its products easily accessible to women of all age groups. 

The company states that its users are mainly from metro cities, Tier-I and Tier-II cities. It has a strong online presence serving through its online platform along with a presence on Nykaa, Purplle, Amazon, and Flipkart. 

Its portfolio has a wide range of products which includes categories like intimate skincare, body grooming, and period care. Intimate skincare is a leading category that is enabling women to share intimate skin needs. It has recently launched the Back & Bum category. 

To deal with the market competition, the company has embraced bring it on attitude, thus, believing in problems, not challenges, and considering them as opportunities. 

“Any problem which does not come with challenges, resolving it is not fun for us. With society shifting towards more awareness and education, the job is becoming easier for us. For the current world of women, many are still trying to identify what problems are not meant for them to suffer on a daily basis. It is tough sometimes to make them realize the same and educate them,” Sehrawat shared. 

Growth Trajectory

The company asserts to have grown by 55 percent in the current quarter. It has achieved over 210 percent growth annually. With impressive growth in the last 2 years, it is geared up for a high momentum over the next few years. It is planning to expand to new markets while also introducing new product lines.

In the offing, it plans to add more products specific to certain categories and help resolve not just common intimate issues faced by women but offer better solutions for grooming at home, health, and hygiene. It is sharpening its focus and expanding its reach with a focus on feminine hygiene and wellness. It projects to have a much deeper market penetration with current and new products being added to the suite. 

“Going forward, Sanfe is going to scale up the business, build up a strong portfolio of products with new categories, focus on customer experience, and problem-solving. Thus, it will create a better world for women,” Sehrawat unveiled plans. 

Being a new player in the female hygiene sector, the company aims to become a one-stop solution for all women-related needs. As it grows further, it decides to penetrate into the beauty industry as well. 

Harry Sehrawat