How Seven Spring is Planning to Expand its Omnichannel Reach
How Seven Spring is Planning to Expand its Omnichannel Reach

Nature has the ability to heal, aid with power, and refresh the mind, body, and soul. And Seven Spring teas aim to provide this experience to its consumers with the help of products that are of unsurpassed quality and value, beneficial both to the health and well-being of human beings. 

“It was made out of sheer passion, with a vision of creating products that would revive the ancient goodness and purity of products, made using hand-picked ingredients from all over the world, brought to everyone’s aid and to provide them with the best that nature has to offer. Pure to us means something that is ‘authentically real’,” says Sejal Pravin Purohit, Founder Seven Spring.
“In the backdrop of hazardous elements of today’s world, with precise insights into natural ingredients, we expertly blend elements from nature to make products that satisfy every palate and every craving with the goodness and purity of nature,” she adds.
The brand believes that ultimate happiness can be attained only when the mind and body are sound. 

Retail Strategy

Availability as a part of the FCMG industry is the primary focus. The products of the brand are available online on channels with multi-platform approaches. 

“We also plan on offline geographic penetration. Strengthening the positioning to achieve the optimum heart share as the most preferred brand in the herbal and infused tea sector will be an area we will be investing heavily upon. To achieve the same we aim at going back to the basic fundamentals of tea with a little twist. We aim to break barriers and convert tea from a lifestyle product into a healthy lifestyle product,” she asserts. 
The tea brand aims to go omnichannel soon.

“As of now, we have placed our products on all the leading platforms and our website. Also, we are a work in progress with telemarketing and integrated mobile app with penetration in the retail market with the help of traditional wholesale channels and institutional sales. In a timeline of approximately 24 months, we are going to be present on all channels with integrated platforms,” she elaborates.

How Seven Spring is Planning to Expand its Omnichannel Reach

Product Portfolio

The products of the brand are developed and curated keeping in mind three major categories - health, lifestyle, and culture.
“In the health category, we have introduced products like Citrus Reign, Day Joy, Mystic Feel, and so on. Some more concoctions are in the making to help us penetrate the segment on a much larger scale. In the lifestyle category, we have marvels like Ori Bloom (made with Rose Buds) Tea, Merry Mix Tea, Hibiscus Tea and are coming up with many more teas like Jasmine tea. In the culture category, we have tea like Pomegranate, a fruit that has been even mentioned in the holy books of many cultures. It’s been known to the world as a super-fruit too. We are planning to introduce more such wonders like Yerba Mate, English Breakfast, Tulsi Turmeric in the same category for everyone to relish,” she states. 
Future Plans

The brand plans to further expand its operations with more online channels and verticals. Its products will be directed towards a non-traditional distribution model by targeting airlines, airport lounges, hotels and restaurants, duty-free stores, and supermarkets as per usage and consumption needs. 

“We plan to expand zones in the west particularly Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Goa, and in the North zone: Haryana, Punjab, and UP. Within the next 30 months, we plan to be available in major parts of Europe and Indian Oceanic countries,” she concludes.

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