How Sleepsia is Providing Innovative Solutions to Improve Sleeping Habits of Consumers
How Sleepsia is Providing Innovative Solutions to Improve Sleeping Habits of Consumers

Sleep plays an important role in the life of a person and is influenced significantly by the type of pillow and mattress used during sleep. The pillow and mattress are a kind of sleep tool. Generally, these could provide sleep comfort and in order to protect the normal physiological neck bending protection, the sleeping pillow should be used.

Healthy brain function and cognitive abilities are affected to a large extent by the duration of sleep obtained by a person. An ergonomically shaped pillow leads to a comfortable sleeping experience for an individual. With the rapid development of the economy and people's living standards gradually improving, the global demand for sleeping pillows is increasing. 

The United States sleep market is currently valued at $30 billion. In contrast, the Indian sleep market is yet unexplored. However, the Asia-Pacific sleep aid market was estimated at $11.95 billion in 2021, which is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9 percent and reach $16.68 billion by 2026. Catering to this fast-growing market, most of the brands have decided to build awareness revolving around sleep accessories and the instrumental role they play in promoting a good night's sleep.

Today, brands across the globe offer specifically designed pillows and lots of categories so that consumers can choose the best possible pillows as per their requirements and comfort. But most of them don’t provide the comfort and quality they promise and fail to fulfill their consumers’ appetite.

Here come brands like Sleepsia which are providing the best pillow with lots of options to choose from. The brand offers a wide range of high-end pillows. The product portfolio includes memory foam pillows, cervical pillows, contour-shaped pillows, half-moon pillows, lumbar support pillows, knee-support, and orthopedic pillows that may resolve many lifestyle problems. In fact, Sleepsia also offers contour-gel memory foam pillows that are even relied on by physiotherapists for patients suffering from cervical pain.

The brand was founded in 2018 in the Indian and United States markets. Punit Jindal, MD Sleepsia shared, “We laid its foundation with a straightforward mindset and vision. Given today's fast-paced and highly competitive lifestyle, most millennials and Gen Z have tough schedules resulting in bone-tired exhaustion. The easiest way to recharge and relax a human body and mind is to have a restful sleep, but ask anyone out there; a lot of people don't feel relaxed even after a good 7-8  hours of sleep. During our primary research, we observed that the wrong selection of sleeping accessories, especially a pillow, is one of the biggest obstacles to a good night's sleep. In fact, the right pillow can 'make or break' correct sleeping habits.”

“Since our inception, we have served more than 200,000 consumers worldwide and generated profit in the first year itself. So far, over the period, we strengthened our product portfolio and also launched pillows for adequate back support for customers working from home or in the physical office, as they are equally responsible for a restful night's sleep. We have also expanded our international market and spread across the globe, including countries such as Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Poland,” he added.


Common Issues and Targeted Populace

People around the globe are facing various sleep disorders such as insomnia, restless legs syndrome, narcolepsy, and sleep apnea. These disorders can affect every aspect of one's life including your safety, relationships, school, and work performance, thinking, mental health, weight, and the development of diabetes and heart disease. Not getting enough quality sleep can hurt the quality of life.

Keeping the issues in mind Jindal shared, “Anyone with neck, back, or shoulder pain may use our sleeping products and accessories. Similarly, anyone who is on the lookout for a quality and sound sleep accessory is our targeted consumer. We aim to improve sleeping patterns across the nook and corner of the globe. For making our products budget-friendly, we are in the process of establishing production capacities in India also. By this, we will have absolute control over production and meet customers' requirements with utmost convenience and ease. In fact, offering premium pillows at the most competitive rates in the industry is already a work in progress.”

“The US sleep market is valued at $30 billion, and still, there is tremendous growth potential. India's market is still underpenetrated as compared to the west. Therefore, we are raising awareness among people everywhere to bring a constructive change in their sleeping patterns, mental and emotional well-being,” he further added.

Customer Experience Labs

The brand leverages fast-evolving technologies for product development, delivery, and customer experience labs.

On the technicalities of customer experience labs Jindal shared, “Owing to these cutting-edge tools, a person sitting in San Ramon can buy an India-made world-class bamboo pillow within just a few clicks. As stated before, we cater to customers globally, which is why technology plays a huge role for us, from communicating with customers to the end of the supply chain.”

“We believe customers have an emotional experience with a product. It hinges on how customers feel about it before, during, and after using it. Customer experience happens along a customer journey, often before purchase and continuing after they've moved on. We are aiming for the best customer experience. Therefore, we will establish customer experience labs to research, develop, manufacture, and market the product or service to surpass customers' expectations,” he added.

Future/ Expansion Plans

The brand is planning to expand its customer base further in tier-II and tier-III markets, not only in India and the United States but in every country they are operating in currently.

When asked about the brand's future Jindal shared, “Given that Sleepsia witnessed an unprecedented profit in the first year of inception and since then has observed a steady growth trajectory, we have high hopes for the future. As of now, we are in the process of launching innovative world-class products by leveraging our experience from the overseas market. We also have several new agendas and expansion plans under consideration, which will definitely bear fruits in the long run.”

On the expansion front, he added, “Our international sales are flourishing like never before and have the potential to grow majestically. As of now, the share of our international sales is more than 80 percent of the total sales. While this is an unprecedented achievement for Sleepsia in the existing sleep industry, we aspire to strengthen our domestic value proposition.”

“This fiscal year, we are expecting a revenue of $3-$3.5 million in the United States market. In the Indian market, we have forecasted a revenue cap of Rs 20-30 million,” he concluded.

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