How SuperBottoms is Becoming a Parenting Solution for Every Indian Parent

Besides offering baby care products, SuperBottoms administers an active and growing community of customers on social media.
How SuperBottoms Becoming a Parenting Solution for Indian Parents
Pallavi Utagi

Nurturing a child while addressing all parental problems can be annoying. New parents have to face various hassles while raising a kid. From buying good quality diapers to procuring accessories for babies, parents have to be mindful of all baby care tasks. To ease parenting conundrums, Pallavi Utagi started SuperBottoms, which offers sustainable baby care products.  

“SuperBottoms is revolutionizing the way Indians use diapers for their kids by offering a unique patented product, which offers the goodness of cloth, and the performance as well as convenience of a disposable diaper while being sustainable,” Utagi, Founder and Mom in Chief, Superbottoms said. 

The brand is run by a passionate team of moms who are themselves users of the products. Besides offering babycare products, the company administers an active and growing community of customers on social media. 

Offering Innovative Products 

The brand offers innovative products with unique features for baby care. It is currently rendering baby diapering products including cloth diapers, potty training pants, and diapering accessories. It has lately entered kids’ underwear and baby laundry detergent categories. 

It asserts that its latest cloth diaper, UNO has a patent-pending for its innovative design. Alongside this, it heavily invests in augmenting D2C strategy by revolving around a strong community that is passionate about the company’s notion. 

“The company infuses immensely on education and handholding of customers in their journey of cloth diapering, which is a new category that we are trying to create,” Utagi informed. 

Sustainability is another factor that helps the brand outshine its competitors. The online baby care brand asserts that its products are sustainability sourced. In addition, its packaging adheres to zero plastic usage along with undertaking the upcycling and recycling initiatives. With such a large process, the company’s products become sustainable alternatives to commonly available disposable diapers. 

A Unique Retailing Concept 

The brand has a distinct retail channel for managing and popularizing the business. It has a team of 75 moms who are ambassadors of the brand. These moms are based across India; they connect with their local networks and spread awareness about the company’s idea. 

“Our primary channel of sales is our website. Other platforms like e-commerce and retail are supplementary discovery channels for us,” Utagi shared. 

Being a product-based company, the firm claims that technology is an enabler of the brand and forms the backbone of the efficient performance of the company. As per its strategy, it presently concentrates on functioning via its website and will be using other channels to discover the firm. 

What’s in Store? 

After bagging Rs 3.5 crore in a debt venture fund, the company plans to raise funds sometime in the future so as to fund its growth plan. It is primarily focused on expanding the category of cloth diapering and sustainable baby care needs. It also intends to become a Rs 100 crore brand in FY 22 and seeks to become the first choice of new mothers for diapering their babies. 

With these plans in mind, the company seeks to herald in the baby care segment along with other new categories viz, kids' underwear segment and baby laundry detergent. 

Pallavi Utagi