How this Start-up is Making Lingerie With A 'Difference'?

Global Lingerie market is projected to grow from around 95 Billion Dollars in 2017 to more than 125 Billion Dollar by 2024
Aayuushi Agarwal

Delhi based, Aakar Intimates, a leading export company, that caters to a host of renowned lounge and intimate apparel brands internationally forays into the Indian e-commerce market with its home-grown label Erotissch. In an exclusive conversation Aayuushi Agarwal, Founder, Erotissch sheds more light on this start-up.

Kindly shed light on your entrepreneurial journey so far. What inspires you to launch Erotissch?

We started our journey with Aakar Intimates, where we catered American Market through Curve New York. American Market has informed clientele making it more versatile. With this experience we realized American market has saturated where as India being a growing market has huge potential in this category.

Tell us about your Bed-to-Street concept? How this is different from regular innerwear brands which are already penetrated in the market?

Bed- to- Street concept is very simple, it means garments which are comfortable to sleep in yet happening and designed in a manner that you can walk out from your house in your nightwear yet look chic. Multiple way use of garments. Regular inner wear brands have focused solely on inner wears and nightwear/ lounge wear which are comfortable at home but we may think twice before wearing it outside. Erotissch's design theory has the the twist of making our garments fancy to wear outside yet super comfortable in the house.

Kindly shed light on your current distribution in the online as well as offline space? Going forward are the plans to scale up the distribution so far? Any plans to start your brick and mortar channel in near future?
Currently we are working on getting Erotissch on all the online portals. We launched with AJIO and gradually increasing on other portals. We plan to penetrate the market though all the online portals. By 2020 we plan we to begin our distribution channel and later with brick and mortar.

Is this venture bootstrape or you have raised any funds so far? Or plan to?

We are making our visibility in the market in order to raise funding in the future.

According to you, what would be tentative market size of lingerie/inner-wear market in India. According to you, what are the factors propelling growth in this segment? Also, what are the challenges?

Global Lingerie market is projected to grow from around 95 Billion Dollars in 2017 to more than 125 Billion Dollar by 2024, on the back of rising population of financial independent women. The only challenge that the company is set to face is our price bracket, as we are determine to make a quality product for mass, the audience might take some time to adjust but that is just a matter of time as quality is destined to stand above price.

At last, kindly highlight your growth plans?

•Launching Pan India online in October 2019 onwards on AJIO and Myntra by the end of 2019.
•Within next 6 months launching Pan Middle East & GCC countries Marketplaces.
•Introducing the brand into Brick and Mortar through franchise management. 



Aayuushi Agarwal