Rage Coffee Crosses Consumer Base of 160k with a Single Product in the Cart
Rage Coffee Crosses Consumer Base of 160k with a Single Product in the Cart

Rage Coffee, an FMCG company that manufactures, markets and distributes innovative coffee products, was founded in 2018 by Bharat Sethi. Based out of New Delhi, the brand deals in different chemical-free coffee varieties. Rage Coffee products are also US FDA, FSSAI, ISO-registered. The average order value ranges between Rs. 500-800.

Discussing the creation of Rage Coffee, Sethi said, "We started in 2018, looking at an enormous market opportunity, and we realized that one product could have different fragrances and flavors with varying delivery techniques and shots. The entire business is built around better sourcing, better ingredients, supply chain from grounding, roasting, and crystallization to the end customers through our directive consumer model. The entire functional coffee space is innovating in the market. We are also innovating and building huge coffee products. So we manufacture, market, and distribute these products through an omnichannel brand. We sell the products through our website and other market places. We are also present physically in retail stores. This brand is built around a high-quality coffee experience in packaged format to leverage consumers. During the coffee time, we are upgrading the coffee experience significantly."

Secret Behind Large Consumer Base

The brand has sold over 500k products so far. Many aspects of business come together for a large consumer base. The growth and acceptance of development and the love from customers is impressive. 

Rage Coffee Crosses Consumer Base of 160k with a Single Product in the Cart

Providing insights on the large consumer base, Sethi said, "I think the first thing is the fundamental differentiation of product in the market. We are going towards a fitness functional coffee space with different flavors. The coffee business is very fresh to the market, and that makes the product viral. Our marketing strategy focuses on making authoritative growth initially in the market. Our entire brand building is around; ‘give us a try; we know you will not be disappointed.’ Rage Coffee's innovations have led to a 'No Questions Asked' refund policy. In India, there are options for exchange but not a full refund. Digital marketing strategy targets a specific consumer base, cracking it, and then moving on to another consumer base, leading to outstanding growth. Last but not least is the omnichannel presence of the brand. It's not an online-only brand or an offline-only brand. Primarily branding was made online, but with time we offer it offline as well. Our offline approach is basically for targeting and understanding consumer needs. It is towards activation instead of placements. We are present in over 400 retail stores. The biggest supporters are our home sellers and distributors. Distribution plays a more significant role in differentiating from other brands."
USP of Rage Coffee

Rage Coffee has one product right now, which is functional coffee with multi-vitamins. They have 11 variants in this coffee range. It comes in 5 exotic flavors, namely 'Rage Coffee: Original,' 'Irish Hazelnut,' 'Crème Caramel,' 'Sparky Orange', and 'Dark Chocolate. Rage Coffee has no added sugar, color, preservative, or any chemical additive. While a typical coffee takes 6 to 18 months before reaching an end-consumer, Rage Coffee is ready to drink within a week. All products of Rage Coffee are gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and nature-considerate.
Elaborating on the product range, Sethi said, "It is not still affordable for a large part of the population daily at the cafe. People also don't like to take coffee before they are going to the gym. The options are very limited in the market for the coffee range. We created a shot for consumers looking for a high-quality coffee experience, but not tangible always. You can put it in your bag, in your pocket, convenient for your traveling, working out. You can quickly make a hot cup of coffee with this. Rage Coffee has innovated in Packaging, i.e., In addition to its jars, Rage Coffee also comes in the first-of-its-kind biodegradable coffee vials that are easy to carry and ready to mix anywhere."

Recent Launches

Rage Coffee has launched a number of combinations as people are buying a lot of variants altogether. Rage Coffee has found a combo, which is getting 500 visits. The brand is innovating a set of products for 24 months. They are planning to launch coffee bars, which has never been done before with different flavors. They are making Chai-latte, a cardamom based coffee, butter scotch, blueberry, vanilla flavor. Then they have a mint flavor for people who have already loved chocolates. Rage Coffee has six different fragrances and flavors for coffee. They have a ground bag and are also planning to launch other coffee bags.

Rage Coffee Crosses Consumer Base of 160k with a Single Product in the Cart

Future Plans

Rage Coffee is planning to expands its distribution network, sees demand from tier-II cities. The FMCG company anticipates Rs 2.5 crore in monthly sales in the next 12 months and approximately 3,000 outlets by the end of 2021.
Elaborating the brand's aspirations, Sethi added, "Rage Coffee is planning to double down its efforts across all the channels. Rage Coffee has received a lot of interest from international distributors inclined towards global consumers. Within India, we are thinking of increasing the no. of retail stores and the online business. We are going to be a bigger unit and an asset to the country. At the end of the next year, we'll come around ARR of 30 crore. We are planning to go internationally. We have already been in this zone as we are present in e-commerce. We have already dispatched to the UK market. But that's not what has been done very seamless manner so far. In our previous approach, we are about to make distributors & having our partners. We are not into Amazon. So we intend to do it next year. Global expansion is always in the cart."

Talking about the vision of the brand, Sethi concluded the interview. He added, "To bring the original coffee products for the global audience. In numbers, we want to be a Rs 500 crore company in terms of revenue. Target to grow revenue by 7x by the end of 2021. The vision is to be a globally recognized coffee brand."

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