SLURRP FARM: Converting healthy diet to yummy & affordable
SLURRP FARM: Converting healthy diet to yummy & affordable

The idea of Slurrp Farm was conceived when the two friends identified the gap of healthy eating options in the children's food market in India. When they failed to find high-quality packaged food for their children, Shauravi Malik and Meghana Narayan decided to follow a business idea close to their heart.

What started as an experiment at their home kitchens in October 2016 has since turned into a loved food brand in the healthy packaged food category in a short span of three years.      

In an exclusive conversation, Shauravi Malik, Founder of Slurrp Farm, talks about the idea behind starting Slurrp Farm and their journey.

An Omnichannel Brand

Slurrp Farm is currently available in 800 stores in India and UAE and on all major eCommerce platforms in both countries: Amazon, Noon, Mumzworld, Big Basket, FirstCry, etc. The average order size on the official website is around Rs 900-1000. For the last two years, Slurrp Farm has been selling in Singapore, UAE. Recently it has launched via Amazon in the UK, Europe. The company has a broad product portfolio, including Puffed Snacks, Millet Pancake Mix, Millet Dosa Mix, Cereals, Cookies, Chia Seeds, and Sprouted Ragi Cereal, Brown Rice, Millets and Oats Porridge, Organic Jaggery, etc. It is continuously innovating to strengthen its portfolio and footprint to cater to consumers' growing needs across age groups.

SLURRP FARM: Converting healthy diet to yummy & affordable

Slurrp Farm is an omnichannel brand, and they believe that all brands have to be. Slurrp Farm operates in online space through Slurrp Farm's official website and market places, and Slurrp Farm is also present in retail stores in 12 cities across India. Slurrp Farm wants to make better options for children & family at the right price, which is incredibly tasty. Yummy, Healthy, and affordable.

Talking about the creation of Slurrp Farm, Ms. Shauravi started with, "I began the company called as SLURP FARM with my partner Meghna Narayan. We are a children's food brand, and we make various food options for families & children who want to eat healthier. We thought we should bring that amazing food culture that India has into how we eat in our home, and we felt that packaged food deserves better ingredients and yummy recipes, so we bring that recipe from our mothers & grandmothers. We started making cereals because we felt that children should eat millets like barley, ragi. We created tasty millet dosa, millet pancakes. We like to work with traditional Indian food ingredients that we have forgotten. The packaged food is used to be too much maida and polished white rice. So planned to include different dals to millets, oats even to like amarand or ram dana, brown rice, chickpeas. We want all the excited and good ingredient in our kitchen should also be in the packaged food. This is the thought behind the Slurrp Farm. Our brand motto is made by two mothers, anything as you make it at home. We are strongly looking at the way children eat in India."

Standing out as a D2C brand

Branding is an essential part of marketing. It is from how the company got its look to the analog of the branding.

SLURRP FARM: Converting healthy diet to yummy & affordable

Commenting on the competitive market, Ms. Malik said, "We stand out because of the product I make, and at the end of the drive, you can sustain if you have the good product only. If you can communicate the differentiation of the value added to your consumer, then your brand can create a space in their life, in their home, in their diet, and then in their heart. We always attempt to make a very true product based on what the market needs. We talked to a lot of parents, and we get their insights. We believe that staying close to our customers and understanding them is the best way to stand out as a D2C or any brand in the market. The principle of branding is similar, while D2C is a channel. The way of selling and interesting things about selling on digital channels is that (website and other marketplaces) brand communicate via Facebook, Instagram by social media not necessarily by television and newspaper ads. Communication with your customers can add a lot of fun elements to it. That's how we choose to stand out by communicating to mothers and providing what the brand stands for."

Future goals for the next level

Slurrp Farm stands as a very ambitious brand regarding future goals. One is Slurrp Farm wants to take millets to the whole world, not just only in India. It wants people worldwide to know and understand how millets are good for health and other grains of India like amarand, cheek peas, etc. Other plans are focused on building a well-loved brand for children and families in India. The brand wants to do that by really addressing the existing broad category where Indians consume.

Commenting on the upcoming expansion of the brand, she added, "We choose to go into making dosas, cereals, we are going to come up with milk mixie what children are going to drink after school or in the evening time. We have -recently gone to pancakes as there is an emerging segment in India for breakfast opportunities. Our method growth will be cementing in people's minds slump farm as a brand that good for children and family both for breakfast and snacks. We are currently doing D2C only, and we are also open to doing B2B business. But we focus more on building a brand.

SLURRP FARM: Converting healthy diet to yummy & affordable

Make in India

Make in India as a campaign is lovely, and different brands are doing inspiring things around it. In the end, it depends on the consumer. So the consumer has to feel proud to support Indian businesses and brands. When that happens, it is excellent for emerging brands like Slurrp Farm because we are trying to be a champion ingredient and food culture and heritage, which is a bane in India forever.  

Malik said, "We want to show it to the world and to be known for it. Therefore we think to make in India, vocal for local that needed at this time, especially during COVID, and in some ways, COVID is forcing us to do this. It is making for all countries, not only for India, to develop a greater ability to be independent, especially in food. The food sector is becoming more local and more sustainable in some ways to the right way to go."

Consumer trends

Digitally brand is growing very good. There is an element in the health trend. People are focusing more on the quality of the food. 

Lastly, talking about consumer trends she is witnessing, she added, "There are two things. One is that post-COVID people are more inclined to consume digitally, which helps young brands be right because when searching for something in a store, a new brand might not get a shelf. But when you are searching online, everybody becomes shows up. If I search for a cookie, it may show up as a brand on page 20, but it shows up. So every person has a chance. It is easily reachable. Our websites have been growing well during this time, and our market space sales are also growing very well. The second trend is people have started to eat healthily, that is 50:50 to me. From the beginning, people become more health-conscious, and it has been 8- 9 months in the home; people also started to indulge be healthy. But at last, time will tell the story."


Edited By: Vaishnavi Gupta

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