What Steps Vedix is Taking to Become No.1 Beauty and Wellness Brand

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix while speaking at a webinar #EmpoweringD2C in collaboration with Shipway states, "We brought Ayurveda doctors on payroll and gave them this challenge of creating an online solution."
What Steps Vedix is Taking to Become No.1 Beauty and Wellness Brand 

The general satisfaction in the beauty and personal care industry is very low as most of the products are built for all kinds of audiences without any specification and customization in mind. So, Vedix figured this gap in the market, and the brand was launched in 2017 to provide customized solutions to consumers. The brand bet big on Ayurveda as a category because it lends itself beautifully to the customization philosophy. 

Jatin Gujrati, Business Head, Vedix while speaking at a webinar #EmpoweringD2C in collaboration with Shipway states, “We brought Ayurveda doctors on payroll and gave them this challenge of creating an online solution – a process – that people normally experience in an offline environment – going to an Ayurveda doctor, doing a consultation, telling them their lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits and then the doctor tells what is the issue and then prescribe solutions to tackle those issue. So, we created an online questionnaire to help us understand the ‘prakriti’ of the individual and then map those ‘prakriti’ to the products that we have created, after consulting the doctors.”

Over the last 3 years, more than 3 million customers have taken the VPQ (Vedix Personalised Questionaire)and the brand has delivered to 1.2 million customers. And, it continues to add about 60,000-80,000 customers every month. More than 1 lakh customers renew their orders every month with the brand. 

“Perhaps, we are one of the brands that crossed the Rs 100 crore in less than 3 years of launch,” he asserts.

Marketing Strategy

The brand leverages social media platforms like Instagram to promote the brand along with engaging with influencers.

“We work with people who believe in the brand. So we have worked with Kunal Kapoor, Rupali Ganguly, and many more, who actually believe in the product. They have tried the product and realized how useful it is for their healthcare, haircare, etc. As a brand, we have a responsibility to bring out content that aligns with the brand value and the level of quality that we are offering.,” he states.

“We have a video team that churns out content for the brand and performance marketing,” he further adds.

Influencer Marketing is an interesting way to connect with the audience as it brings a lot of credibility and legitimacy to a brand, especially for a D2C brand, which doesn’t have a big budget, in the beginning, to hire an A-level celebrity and, budget to do a campaign at a national level by leveraging the conventional platform like TV, hoardings. 

“In that context, for a younger brand, it makes sense to reach out to micro-influencers and leverage them to connect with their audience. Ultimately, the product has to do the selling. The idea of leveraging influencers is to get consumers to try the brand at least once and it builds credibility because the moment someone tries out Vedix, they become a fan of it. And, that’s what we see on our numbers. On average a customer buys Vedix from Vedix regimen – 3.5X a year. So, at the end of the day, heavy-lifting has to be done with the product itself. Whatever medium we use is to optimize the costs and reach,” he explains.

Omnichannel Strategy

Along with the D2C route, the brand was recently launched on other e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

“The moment we went live we did some business which was maybe 3-4 percent of our overall turnover and now the number is about 15 percent.  I think that number is going to stabilize around 25 percent whereas our bulk of the business comes from D2C. That is what we know, that is what we understand and that’s what we want to do because it is fair to the customer, and it helps us to keep innovating on the product side,” he explains. 

“Going ahead, within digital we want to be on as many platforms as a customer feels going on. Along with this, we are also building an offline strategy,” he adds.

Foray into International Markets

Apart from this, the brand is also planning to expand its presence in international waters starting with the US and the Middle East, and then Europe and UK. The brand believes that there is a lot of potential in the MENA region.

“Most probably we’ll go online with Amazon in the US within next week or 10 days maximum. D2C activation will happen sometime in January in both the US and Middle East markets,” Gujrati states.

“There is no other brand offering Ayurveda customized experience and we feel the efficacy of the product is very high and therefore we feel that once you make some en-route in a new market, we should see the similar feedback in the market as we saw in India. And therefore we decided that we can build a sizable business in the international market,” he adds.

Future Plans

Vedix, the brand which has already won consumers in the skincare and haircare category, will be soon launching two new categories – body care and babycare.

“We are also actively looking at men’s grooming category where we can come up with an Ayurveda herbal shaving cream, beard oils, post-shave balms, etc. But that is still in the pipeline and there is a lot of work that has to go in there before we launch,” he concludes. 

Jatin Gujrati