How WOW Skin Science is Driving Product Awareness, Presence, Delivery & Brand Loyalty?

Segments like personal care, skin care and hair care products are seeing more acceptance over makeup as consumers are getting more conscious about personal hygiene and staying clean and healthy.
How WOW Skin Science is Driving Product Awareness, Presence, Delivery & Brand Royalty?
Manish Chowdhary

WOW Skin Science & WOW Life Science, known for delivering advanced research-backed, nature-infused products to wellness-conscious people, emphasises on bringing to the market nature-crafted products formulated with high concentration of natural ingredients that help to nourish skin, hair and body and deliver visible results. Today, the company offers its customers the option of buying innovative, luxurious products at affordable pricing.

The brand not only promotes all things natural, but what further makes the products beneficial is that they do not have any harsh chemicals, mineral oil, sulphates, parabens, or silicones. Every formulation retains the texture and feel of the natural actives enhancing overall usage experience. Together the brands have over 200 personal care and wellness products in their portfolio. The beauty and personal care products are manufactured and packaged in a state-of-the-art facility set in the Himalayan Valley.

Every range by the brand is created based on customer feedback and a high degree of research and development activities. WOW Skin Science & WOW Life Science look to being the go-to brands for the consumers who want to adopt a holistic approach to beauty and wellness that takes them closer to nature.

In an interaction, Manish Chowdhary, Co-Founder, WOW Skin Science & WOW Life Science spills the beans on how the brand is planning its growth strategy going ahead.

Excerpts from the interview:

What has been the impact of pandemic on the brand? What was the reason behind your success?

The pandemic has affected our brand the same way it affected the whole industry. We experienced initial slowdown like everybody else. The lockdown during the pandemic meant a major impact on our business and logistics. During the initial days it was tough since the industry was grappling with this catastrophe. Like others, we too had to shut our offices and e-commerce was also impacted. But it is changing slowly as the markets are opening up. After the stringent lockdown where only essentials were allowed, consumers are now eager to shop other things besides essentials. 

We saw success because we were able to reach consumers through e-commerce and the other digital mediums. Also, at a time when consumers have become conscious of healthy lifestyle and self-care, we have been able to deliver just that. We have offered skin care and hair care solutions that helped them look and feel beautiful in an eco-conscious way. We cannot stress enough the fact that people are now, more than ever, want products without harmful chemicals and synthetic actives. They want a healthy and clean beauty ritual to feel good and that is what WOW Skin Science has been able to offer them. 

What are the new strategies that you adopted during the pandemic that help you sustain the impact of pandemic? 

During the pandemic when people were stuck at home, e-commerce sites and the digital platform provided them an outlet to relieve the stress. It was very important for brands to have a strong online presence and an e-commerce strategy as most consumers were shopping online due to the pandemic as they were worried about going out. So, we strengthened our online brand messaging during the pandemic. This was not difficult as we have always been a digital-first company. We just had to stay ahead of the competition as more and more indigenous beauty brands took to the online space. 

To ensure stronger brand recall, we collaborated with two popular Bollywood actresses – Bhumi Pednekar and Disha Patani – to spread the brand message. We roped them in since their ideologies resonated with our brand’s storytelling. We also launched our combos, samples and refill packs to enable our consumers to try and test the products before committing to the beauty regimes. This helped us in improving brand recall and building a stronger consumer base.  

WOW Skin Science to Focus on Strengthening Product Awareness, Presence & Brand Royalty

Being an online first brand, how do you plan to expand your offline presence?

Both online and in-store experience is important for a good consumer experience but with the pandemic changing consumer buying behaviour, it is important for the beauty brand to offer consumers a seamless experience. However, due to the pandemic in-store momentum is still slow but online buying is at the highest ever. The industry is seeing an impressive growth rate and consumers are open to trying out new products, especially those that are nature-based and are environment-friendly. Since consumers are now more exposed to their devices because of the current situation, it is easier to grab their eyeballs and introduce new products or beauty concepts and solutions. However, we also understand that it is important for many consumers to touch and feel the products before committing to them that is why we are already present in big beauty retail chains and department stores. However, as we all know the pandemic has affected many business plans, so currently we are looking at strengthening our existing presence before really working on an expansion plan. 

Any plans to launch new product categories?

Segments like personal care, skin care and hair care products are seeing more acceptance over makeup as consumers are getting more conscious about personal hygiene and staying clean and healthy. We are already present in almost all the self-care categories, so the focus is to ensure that we deliver results in those categories. We want to grow our product ranges using newer formulations in those categories only. So, we are constantly working on R&D of new actives and new product ranges and will launch when the time is right. 

Throw some light on the future plans of the brand?

I think, as a beauty brand we are constantly trying to enhance the overall customer experience, from awareness to engagement to retail to repeat buying. The new generation of consumers is ready to try new things. Our research shows that currently the consumer mood is set towards exploring news brands and using products that deliver real results. While the business scenario is still tough, but it is the right time to introduce products and sustain those that are already in the market. This offers a sense of positivity among consumers. As of now, we want to focus on strengthening our product awareness, brand loyalty, presence and delivery. We are taking things little slow, but hope that 2021 will augur changes for the better in terms of consumer behaviour and business growth.

Manish Chowdhary