Delighting customers exclusively
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Delighting customers exclusively

Elvy is a name synonymous with uniqueness, convenience, value and high quality. In conversation with Mr. Lovy Khosla, Director, Elvy, shares the actual journey of the brand to Aadeetya Sriram.


Aadeetya Sriram (AS): Tell us about your brand? It’s USP?

Lovy Khosla (LK): Elvy has been created to bring wonderful products from all around the world, for every aspirational Indian. We aim to spread happiness and joy in the form of our products. We primarily export hand-crafted products, and design products to leading retailers around the world. And I have always dreamt of dealing in exclusive premium products in India. So 5 years back we started the process of setting up Elvy, sourcing products from 12 different countries which were high on quality, well stylized, brought into the Indian market via 3 avenues; retail stores, shopping catalogues and online retailing. We have our online shop, where one can place their order for any particular product, and they will be delivered at your door step anywhere across the country.


AS: What defines your products when compared to other brands? What sort of investment are you looking at?

LK: The first thing is Exclusivity; we design these products ourselves, this helps us maintain the standards that Elvy wish to attain. We source the products from anywhere around the world. Secondly, we are co-ordinated, for instance we have a dinner set from Sri Lanka, the place mats are arranged from Vietnam, and the glasses are made in Eastern Europe, the centerpiece is from Germany, cutlery is made in our factory, and when you combine these variants from 6 different countries on one table, it provides you with the luxurious experience. So that kind of co-ordination and arrangement is a unique feature of Elvy products. We cater to every aspirational Indian; we have an impressive range of products, available at an affordable pricing. The investment has exceeded our prior projections, but we do understand the value of branding ourselves well.


AS: Are you importing your products or you manufacture them in the country itself?

LK: We import most of our products from all over the world, Elvy does not have boundaries, and we reach to places where we find our quality is not compromised. We do what it takes to give our customer the product he desires. We have association with many leading manufacturers as well as retailers around the world. Elvy is purely a retail brand; we source our products from my manufacturing units in the country.


AS: What sort of aggressive strategy you plan to implement for retailing in the country?

LK: We have plans to go aggressively in the retail segment for Elvy. We have 3 avenues of sales; retail, online and catalogue shopping. We have a very specific defined strategy for all the respective categories. In retail we plan to have 80 stores across the country within next 4 years, for online, we plan to have a strong presence across the country, we have our logistics in place to accommodate the demands of customers anywhere across the country. For catalogue, our aim is to be visible on every coffee table across the country. We also deal in gifting calendars’, sending in gifts to selected people. So the logistics at Elvy are very strong and networked.


AS: What is your marketing strategy for Elvy?

LK: Our primary focus is to generate the presence of our brand through word of mouth as well as hands on experience. We have pampered our customers; our aim is to make the customers become fans of Elvy as a brand. We go out of the way to delight our customers. Every step that we undertake, every decision is taken emphasizing on the respect for the brand and its quality.


AS: How many stores do you have in the country? Are all of these exclusive Standalone stores?

LK: Elvy has 5 exclusive stand alone stores in the country. We have been approached by many large formats, to be in shop and shop; however we are on the lookout for franchise partners across the country. We are still exploring the possibilities of engaging in this format.


AS: Do you see yourself entering the tier II cities?

LK: We are very excited about entering the tier II cities, we are already considering inroads into that. We feel people have a lot of aspirations, have a lot of desire for good living and we plan to bring it to them.


AS: What are your future plans for Elvy?

LK: Till date we have been a Delhi-centric company, we strategize ourselves being visible PAN Nation. We have different strategies setup for each avenue; we are tying up with large industry leaders. We are running in-flight catalogue for Jet Airways, called Jet Mall, where Elvy product will be made available to customers.








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