Epitome of fashion
Epitome of fashion

It has been 12 years since the designer duo of Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna surfaced into the fashion circuit in the country with a bang. Finally their wait to become a part of the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Finale has been fulfilled. The charismatic duo share their journey to becoming one of the heavyweights in the society.  

S.Aadeetya (SA): What inspires the designing of your clothes and what materials are being used to design them?

Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna (RG&RK): This collection that we are showcasing is for the Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week Finale 2011 and the theme is theatre of illusion. We are known for our variable clothes, known for something which more cutting-edge, straight-line, so the garments that you could see were a little more embellished, dramatic compare to generally what we do.

SA: How has the association with Wills Lifestyle been for your brand? How has this benefitted you?

RG&RK: It has been a great journey for us with the Wills Group, we as designers love corporate backing, we do prêt line for them, which is retailed all over their 44 stores across the country. We have been able to undertake transition of our products from ramp-to-the-rack. We as designers cannot undertake; sales, distribution, designing and financial aspect of business. Hence the assistance from their end has enabled us to reach to those who do not have the availability of our stores in their region.

SA: The fashion scenario in the country has transformed rather drastically since then, how has the change been for you?

RG&RK: When it comes to fashion, we have to go through changes almost every season with the market, trend and also with what we feel as our idea of fashion also keeps changing.  But we still started with prêt 12 years back; we were infact part of few designers who started their ready-to-wear label. Nowadays people travel a lot, they are getting exposed to the trends in the West and prefer to have them available in the country itself. Also the internet age has assisted a lot; the likes of Facebook, blogging give us the impression that we are 20 years ahead of the time we started.

SA: How will have you made yourself visible across the international market?

RG&RK: We have been actively participating fashion shows across the globe. There is this show in Paris that we have been doing for around 10 seasons. Then we also showcase at the New York show called Coutre.  More than the fashion shows we prefer the trade shows when it comes to the international circuit. Our mileage overseas has grown over the years; we have been pleased with how the international market has come up, we are looking forward to working with some new people in the US. But you cannot compare the potential of the Indian market with regards to fashion. India is the real-deal for us.  

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