Extravagance in the kitchen

Leading appliances brand, Fisher & Paykel, has made its foray into the Indian market. Andrew Paykel, Chief Operating Officer, Fisher & Paykel, shares his experiences and his expectations from the Indian market.
Andrew Paykel

Leading appliances brand, Fisher & Paykel, has made its foray into the Indian market. Andrew Paykel, Chief Operating Officer, Fisher & Paykel, shares his experiences and his expectations from the Indian market.

Aadeetya Sriram (AS): Tell us about Fisher & Paykel and its history.

Andrew Paykel (AP): Fisher & Paykel was founded in 1933 by Maurice Paykel and Woolf Fisher. We are a New Zealand-based company with a vast global reach. Since 1934, when the company was officially launched, we have grown up to become a global company with a global reach with over 3,000 people. We manufacture in the USA, Mexico, Italy, Thailand and New Zealand. We sell our products to over 18 countries. We had been looking at the Indian market for the past three years. We are a high-end brand, focused on a direct sales channel, and the true quality, performance and reliability of our products speak for themselves.

AS: What are the brand values and design philosophy that Fisher & Paykel is associated with around the world?

AP: The brand values at Fisher & Paykel are all about real, generous, human and curious. We create real products for real people living real lives. We care about our customer, our people, our planet and our business. We design, build and sell desirable intuitive products, which make life easier and enjoyable. Our design philosophy is founded on a pioneering spirit and our curiosity to challenge the conventional appliance design and consistently deliver products tailored to human needs.

AS: Could you elaborate on the varied product range that Fisher & Paykel offers?

AP: Our product range comprises of five varied products – cook, cool, clean, wash and dry. We understand the dynamic nature of modern living and we deliver products that are adaptable, functional and durable. We have built-in cook tops, built-in ovens, ventilation, refrigeration, washing machines, etc.

AS: Who will be your target audience in the country? Which regions will you be catering to initially?

AP: Our target audience is the new generation of discerning Indian consumers, who desire aspirational and quality high-end built-in appliances. This customer is open to experimenting with new and cutting edge technologies and demands products that match international standards. This consumer has an open and growing appetite for premium products fuelled by higher disposable incomes and strives for upgradation. This customer often has two kitchens, one for show and the other for cooking. Keeping this in mind, we will be bringing in our range of built-in oven, coffee, steam, hoods & hobs and dishwashers. Also our range will comprise of free standing refrigeration, washers and dryers. Initially, our products will be available in the northern region, ie in Delhi/NCR, Ludhiana, Jalandhar, etc.

AS: What will be your initial strategy now that you have forayed into the Indian market?

AP: Our channel strategy is to interact with designers, architects, modular kitchen manufacturers and kitchen cabinet segment experts. We will also look into the possibility of shop-in-shop concepts and experience centres. We regard real estate as one of our primary business sector and especially in India, we will be on the lookout for project opportunities, real estate developers, hotels and serviced apartments.

AS: Logistic and services are considered one of the biggest challenges in the segment in India. How exactly will you strategise yourself in this regard?

AP: The service strategy for Fisher & Paykel in the country is going to be an important aspect of launch. We will have a designated F&P technical manager, who will ensure that a controlled channel is established through the distributor. We will also set up our customer service centres, employ technical support vans, provide home delivery and installation of products and create an inventory of spare parts to meet the requirements of the consumer without any hassle.

AS: What are your marketing strategies? Which is the preferred medium for you?

AP: Our marketing strategy will comprise of traditional mediums such as print, PR activities, lifestyle magazines, engaging with chefs, architects as well as the digital platform, which is highly viable these days.


Andrew Paykel