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Davidoff is a brand that symbolises class, timeless quality and products that go in-tune with its philosophy. Jean Florent Denee, Area Sales Manager-Asia, Davidoff, shares his views on the last 11 months that the brand has spent in India and sheds light on its international presence.

Aadeetya Sriram (AS): Tell us about Davidoff in India and your background.
Jean Florent Denee (JFD): We forayed into the Indian market last year with our partner Rivoli Watches and our product offerings range from leather goods and wedding instruments to watches. Davidoff is a Switzerland based company, where we have been developing new range of products within the structure of the company.
AS: How has the year spent in the Indian market been for you? Who are you targeting with your products?
JFD: Personally, we have been in India for two years now, during which we were discussing and negotiating with our partners. Right now, we are focusing on the entire country for our products; we have points-of-sales in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. We plan to make ourselves available across the country. India is strategically an important country for Davidoff as well as for other luxury brands. There is a high demand for European luxury and we, as a brand, are known for the quality and products we offer, so we are very enthusiastic about the whole Indian watch market.
AS: How do you view the niche product market in India? What is your brand philosophy?
JFD: If you consider the luxury global industry as a niche market, then yes, it is a niche market. Today, watches, leather goods, and wedding instruments are being preferred mostly by men in the age group of 30 years to up to 65 years. The important thing about Davidoff products is that they are timeless, not affected by fashion or by trends. Our main focus is on the high quality aspect. Our watches are manufactured in Switzerland, the leather goods are manufactured in Italy and the wedding instruments are manufactured in Germany. We recognise ourselves as a global lifestyle brand, which believes in
providing products of highest quality.
AS: Does Davidoff offer its products as per country specific requirements?
JFD: Davidoff only offers its global collection; there are no country/market specific ranges available. Our customer is a global citizen, who travels worldwide and customers in India, Europe and the US are offered the same range uniformly, so that they can find the same lifestyle approach and the same feeling of the brand everywhere they travel.
AS: Tell us about the international presence of Davidoff?
JFD: Internationally, right now, we are available in Malaysia, China, the Middle East, India, Europe, Spain, UK, Germany, Switzerland and we have presence in South America as well.
AS: Do you feel that there is a need for high-end products in India as of now?
JFD: In India, we feel that there is a definite demand for high-end products. Indian customers are specific in terms of high-end quality and they are looking for timeless products. We are completely realistic with our expectations for Indian customers and we are sure to catch the attention sooner than later.
AS: What is your retailing strategy across the globe? How many outlets do you have in India?
JFD: We have around 50-60 point-of-sale units across the world. In India, we have over 20 POS and we plan to develop retail as well through boutiques and kiosks. We have already partnered with some retailers in the country and we plan to open our exclusive outlets as well.
AS: Have you done your homework prior to entering India? Is the partnership with Rivoli a long-term
proposition for you?
JFD: Well, as far as understanding the market is concerned, we did that before entering India. It is important to come with viable offers and a proper approach. Now we have realised the selection of customers to certain products, specific in colours and shapes. Davidoff is looking for long-term relations with its partner and aims to serve the Indian market in the highest luxurious manner.
AS: How do you see the brand shaping up in India over the next couple of years?
JFD: For Davidoff considering India different from other countries is no brainer. Internationally, India is one of the powerful economies, where demand for luxury products is high; it is a booming country with the potential to grow even more. We are primarily targeting the global travellers who have a taste for high-end products.


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